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    Although I haven’t been commenting I’ve been following this with interest. Can’t let that last post go by, though. A “good” girl should spend some time on her hair and dress – even in sem. It is a matter of self respect, and we are taught to look to be put together – boys too! None of the schools discussed here have girls who are more into their looks than their learning/hashkofos/middos. They are ALL good places, the girls are all good girls, some warmer than others, some smarter, some more serious and yes, some just there for the name of having gone to that elite sem. I have found that any one of the girls who attending these “top contenders” could just as easily been in any one of the others – they are not that different. BTW, a girl of 18 who spends time on her hair in sem will in all likelyhood greet her husband in the am dressed “to go” and not wait for the bus in a robe over a nightgown!! 🙂

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    1. yes

    2. yes

    3. depends on the year. girls are girls,and it depends which girls are there in any particular year

    4. While she is worthy of a whole sem. revolving around her, it really doesn’t – there are other teachers. Rabbis Geisler & Abramov weren’t mentioned and they deserve to be!!!

    5. I think it is not on the level of the above academically, but is super in terms of students middos/personality. But again, it depends on the year. If you have sem age daughter you surely know the vort that hatzlacha in raising children depends on “trairen and tehillim”. Kudos on your due diligence. Again, you won’t go wrong with any of these schools.

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    First of all: It is not easy to get into any of these sems, so the point is to settle on a few. I recently had girls in both Bnos Chava & BYA. Bnos Chava is very big, it is easy to get lost. It is also is very hard work and most of the girls are extremely talented as well as bright – if your daughter is a star in HS she may not be one there, the competition is fierce but the experience is worth it. My girls LOVED it and learned a lot. BYA was perfect for the daughter who went there – she is quieter, the school is smaller and less diverse, it is not low level at all but more like HS type learning on a higher level than HS(at least that is how I found it the one year my daughter was there). Bnos Sora is a blend of the two but VERY HARD WORK.I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the schools you mentioned but be aware that the student body can vary from year to year. I think your HS mechaneches is your best source of advice. Hatzlacha rabbah.

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