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    Borer? 39 Melachos? Please!

    Haven’t you learned mishnayos in your life?

    The second mishna in the 20th chapter of mesechta shabbos, which is on 139b, clearly states that this is muttar.

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    Come to think of it, shouldn’t there be some perks to those who dedicate themselves to the public and get out of bed at all hours of the night, give up their shabbos meals with their families, their quiet time after work, and interrupt their daily routines to help?

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    Instant coffee is nasty for those who appreciate REAL coffee, i.e. brewed or french press.

    Regarding use of brewed coffee on shabbos, if you use the Melitta pour over cup, or the fantastic invention called the AeroPress, you might be able to use them on shabbos with a ‘klei revii’. I spoke to my rav and he explained to me how i can use it on shabbos.

    No more nasty shabbos morning instant coffees! Now that’s true oneg shabbos!

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    What if one side only eats Chinese food, while the other side never served Chinese food at a wedding?

    You serve Chinese food so that the first side can attend.

    in reply to: VAS License Plates on a Non-Emergency Vehicle #1031172

    Can we set one thing straight please? You can only get one set of VAS plates. The DMV will not issue more than 1 set per customer. You can verify this on the mv411 form.

    Secondly, how does it constitute abuse when the plates merely indicate that one is a member of a volunteer ambulance company. It does not mean that the vehicle is a EASV (emergency vehicle). In effect it is no different than a MD or DDS plate for that matter.

    The ID placard designates a vehicle as an EASV but that too only states that the vehicle is allowed to use lights and sirens.

    If your perception is that people driving these vehicles park them illegally more often than others (which may be true, but unlikely given the proportion of civilian vehicles vs VAS vehicles) then that is not abuse. If the NYPD accord these people a professional courtesy and don’t issue them citations as often, that is the prerogative of the officer. If they wouldn’t cite expensive cars, that is their choice too. That doesn’t make illegally parking your Lexus an abuse of privilege.

    Driving down the shoulder when not responding to an emergency is similarly not an abuse of privilege. VAS plate drivers do not have a privilege of driving on the shoulder. If a civilian would drive down the shoulder how is he any different? They are both abusing their driving privileges, to be frank.

    PS Can we please stop beating up the Hatzoloh members?

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