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    It’s not a great idea to be working out hechsherim on line, but since it’s being done here with some confusion, I felt that it might be helpful to step in. I’m truly sorry if I contradict anyone, but just trying to be of help with information I’ve gathered:

    1) It’s Berkovits, not Berkowitz.

    2) He’s not a great fan of either Chasam Sofer hechsher.

    3) Even of those that disagree with 2) above, most of those involved here in Kashrus hold that the Bnei Barak one- the circular one- is much better than the Petach Tikva one- the wall one. Unlike Sharaga 18’s inquiries [above], it’s been my experience that the few that hold the opposite are basing it on one particular Rav in kashrus, who the vast majority of those in the field have an issue with on this subject.

    3) R. Berkovits, IN GENERAL, only suggests (among major Israeli hechsherim) Aida Charadis, Sha’aris, Rubin, and Landau. Machpud is currently a question mark due to changes in the system and conflicting reports. He doesn’t Pasul the others, but won’t recommend them and suggests that B’nei torah stick to the 4 above (in most cases).

    4) The person that I’ve found to be perhaps the most knowledgeable and updated here in E”Y Kashrus is R. Kuber (who works in Kashrus and gives highly respected courses in hashgacha, still keeps a full seder in the Mir, and is the Rav of a Kehila in Telshe Stone), but he’s very careful in giving out information.

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