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    JUST ME – when your daughter grows out of her soppiness she may be able to grow up and learn a thing or two! she should not want to go to the shops at the wrong time regardless of whether she will be told off or not. When i sent both my sons and daughters to learn in gateshead their pocket money was dependant on whether they kept to the times or not… Gateshead is a small town, with many many shadchonim and shadchanters!! And besides that the shadchan of all shadchonim is always watching!! I actually heard an amazing story a bochurs kappel blew away – the seforim shop would not allow him in to buy a new one as it was girls time, he went to complain to the rav, the rav gave the boy his own kappel!! KOL HAKAVOD to the shop for sticking to their principles and the Rav for enforcing it further! MI K’AMCHA GATESHEAD!!! Theres nothing like it and probably never will be!! Its very upsetting to see people put down a takana like this on a frum website!! who are we to interfere with a rule set down many many years ago? And you poor starving girl who seemingly landed outside the grocery with your suitcases – fruit and vegetables are always kosher, tesco sells that too… and anyways as far as i heard gateshead is a town of ultimate chessed you could always have knocked on any door with a mezuza and asked them to give you something, so please dont put down this special takana due to your ‘experience of lack of experience’ in travelling to new places…

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