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    The fascination that some people have with Chabad is that on the one hand they help non frum yidden across the globe come closer to yiddishkeit, and appear to be makpid in shmiras hamitzvos in an uncompromising way. However on the other hand they tend to not learn the same seforim the rest of klal yisroel do, many pray to a being other than the Aibishter, and they try to avoid mixing with other frum yidden in more in town communities. I’m not convinced the younger generations of Chabad have the same devotion to yiddishkeit as the older generation does and I fear all we will be left with is a movement devoted to the Rebbe z’l with Torah and mitzvos falling by the way side.
    If you are a chabadnik reading this, I implore you to follow the ways of the Chabad chasidim of pre 1980s, return to the fire of uncompromising shemiras hamitzvos which you were famous for in Russia. Asei lecho Rav, and don’t allow these fringe crack pots to devastate a movement that is one of the jewels of klal yisroel. Please please return, dust yourselves down, and return to your rightful places.

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