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    now there are around thirty five, last yr there were 27.

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    I went to BY MAchon Raaya last year and i can tell u about it. I B”H had an amazing year there. I of course had to weigh my options before going because it was the first year of the seminary but it turned out to be the best place ever!

    SO here are the basics and if u want more ask.

    In terms of the type, I know that ppl are saying that is “a more open minded type of BY” whatever that means. According to me it is a BY period. To give u an idea, the girls that were there last yr got into places like Bos Chava Nachlas seminar bya…

    and applied from anywhere from hadar to meor. The girls are solid, tznius, frum and fun girls. There are a bunch of out of towners and a bunch of in towners, but as someone said earlier on in the thread, it s really achdusdik and everyone is friends, and even has kept in touch, as a sem, which is really nice.

    The Hanhala is really unbelievable. They are there for u in every situation. U can feel comfortable going to them for shabbos, asking any questions… As someone else mentioned, they will listen to and be really accomidating about ANYTHING whether its regarding work or anything else.They are really exemplary ppl and they truly care about each girl in the school. They would seriously do ANYTHING for u!

    The work- Basically its like this. If u are looking for an easy sem, this is not for u! the work is not easy! but, it is also not wut ppl tend to think of as stam “busy” work. U have reports, and hmwk assignments, but not just like twenty little stuff to do each night.Its smart work, and interensting stuff. Everybody who came was the type that they love to learn. No one was just trying to get away with out studying or with compramising on the reports and stuff.Everybody came to learn, and everybody learned a lot! there is a lot of focus on meforshim and text, but there were girls who came with out such a backround in that from outa town schools, and by the end of the yr they were mamash fluent!

    The teachers are TOPS! We has unbelivably chashuv ppl teaching us, and yet they were aproachable, warm ,and brilliant. We has a standing invitation by all of them for shabbos and those were the most beautiful shabbosim! Some of the classes are electives and u only have to take a certain amount, but almost every single girl took extra cuz it was too hard too choose.

    The accomidations are really nice, its in the prettiest location by the yaar yerushalayim. really nice rooms and stuff.

    Although its not easy we had the funnest time ever!

    we got to go on lots of trips that most places dont go cuz its a small sem, and we went on a trip in Yerushalayim EVERY WEEK!!! We got brachos from tons of gedolim, met a few amazing Rebbitzens, and each got PERSONAL TIME with Rebbitzen KANIEVSKY!!! Those are a few of the maalos of being small in addition to the warmth and achdus although it is growing…

    U make ur own schedule sort of, cuz there are electives, so the time is very managable and so is the work.


    If u wanna know more just ask!

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    it was sung about four years ago on a cd that girls in Hadar made

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    The funniest one is that a “disconkee” is a flash drive thatu put in ur computer cuz a lot of times they come in key chains so its “a disc on a key!!!”

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    Im just wondering how exactly smr knows what the work is like in Machon Raaya….

    I have a pretty good idea of what the work is like because I was there for a year…

    The work is Not busy type of work, like I mentioned before. The classes are NOT on a low academic standard by any means. While I wouldnt equate them with the level that BJJ is on, but I would definately not be surprised if it were similar to masores rochel etc etc…

    The classes are very stimulating, interesting, and are all textually based. Some of them are “Harder classes than others” in terms of content, homework and tests. But none of them are the type that you could just study for an hour before the test and get a hundred. You have to work for what you get.

    In terms of the academic schedule, in comparison to what many of my friends in other seminaries looked like, my schedule was pretty full. (My madricha who was in bjj the year before said that she had an emptier schedule than we did:)) But the absence of busy work still left us plenty of time to do whatever we had to do…

    Some of the classes are electives and you have a choice of which classes to take. Many girls took one or two more than required cuz they were too good to give up, but that choice is up to each girl.

    So in summary: Not as “hard” Or as much work as BJJ, but pretty much on the same level as mes rochel, bnos sarah… I had friends in all the above mentioned seminaries and that was the impression that I got.

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    I ve heard that girls wake up at six to do their hair and stuff….

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    No offence taken smr and I agree with u that there are girls who went to Machon Raaya who are not what ppl would call In The Box, I just wanna point out that every seminary has girls that are not “in the box” but things stand out more in small settings- for positive or negitive. Im just saying that the over all hashkafa of the school and the girls, is in the box, and Bais Yaakovy.

    Point taken bout “best schools in brookly comment”:)

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    To confused Tatty:

    Being that I went to Machon Raaya last year, I just wanted to say a few things about the Seminary, which may help you out!

    I am a very “Bais Yaakovy” type girl, and to be perfectly honest, Im pretty much as they say “In the box”. I went to a very good Bais Yaakov school-one of the tops in Brooklyn (at least in most ppls opinions) and Baruch Hashem, from that p int of view, All othat I have to say about Machion Raaya is that it is an unbelievable place.

    The girls who go there will of course vary from year to year, but on a whole, they are extremely solid and frum girls, some of who are yeshivish and some who are not. But definately all very frum and solid.

    The staff and teachers can probably not be matched, without exaggeration! They are a group of extrememly amazing, chashuv, and wonderful ppl. Whether in the classroom or by their shabbos tables, they are truly all ppl to look up to, learn from, and maybe most importantly, to keep in touch with.

    Machon Raaya is extremely warm, as I said each girl really felt that the teachers were approachable either for questions or places for shabbos. And the hanhala is extremely accomidating, and not to mention well connected!:) (With R Elyashiv, R Chaim, R Shteinman to name a few…Just a side point that I thought was AMAZING!)

    As for academically, I saw girls who came from less advanced schools in areas like meforshim and “text” become really adept at just those things over the year!

    Busy work was also pretty rare.

    Trips and stuff were awesome and they took us places that no other sems go bec there are trips within Yerushalayim on a constant basis.

    Hatzlacha figuring everything out!!!!

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