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    I too am a Machon Raaya graduate. I agree with everything MASHEHUKAZE said. The work is hard but extremely interesting, not at all busy work.

    one of the things I loved about it was that it was such an amazing group of girls and we all felt comfortable discussing real things (if u know what i mean) in or out of class. I learned as much from my peers as i did from my teachers ( and i learned A LOT from my teachers) every girl was a role model in something.

    What i personally think makes Machon Raaya so special is this: We were taught tto go in one direction, up, toward Hashem. To follow Torah and the Emes. What the y didn’t do is preach a specific derech to do it. The idea is that we were each created differant for a reason and not by accident. We are all headed in the same directions but thre is more than one way 2 get there. (Mrs Segal especialy stressed this) Even as role models, our teachers were all unbeleivably amazing ppl. all so amiti, so real… and different from each other! same with the girls. We were all learning, growing girls seeking truth. all different from each other but united in our desire for emes and growth.

    It’s a great place, though obviously not for everyone.

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