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    Let me just say that I am a sphardi. I moved to Israel and was told by my rabbis to change my name if I do make the move. I did it. I now pray with ashkenazim and see the world from their side. My rov is ashkenazi he changed his nusach to sphardi. We have to understand he told me, “WE NEED EACH OTHER.” There are middos that are stressed in sphardim from the galus. There are middos that are stressed in Ashkenazim from the galus. Good Or Bad they are part of us. The only way for us to complete ourselves just like husband and wife, we must learn from each other deal with each other and live with each other. We complete each other. I feel very lucky to have a true understanding of the maalot of both. To incorporate both into our lives is a major advantage. Ashkenazim are very suspicious in nature from Europe. Sphardim are very inclusive by nature from galus of yshmoel. This is all played out in our daily lives and our education system. Through understanding the approach one can integrate whether into ashkenazi education system or to sphardi education system.

    We should know everything to know about each other it will make us better people and better jews and we will then be complete and hashem will love us even more.

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