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    @Little Froggie
    Refreshing. There are still some people that haven’t gotten their basic hashkafah (As the very word implies, views) so tainted as to realize what the purpose of the whole thing was
    I shudder to think, in just a few years we will have our “Rabamim/Speakers” and then some “Old men” who we can ask halachic and torah questions to, sad.
    The gemara brachos states on the words “Sof Davar Hakol Nishma Es Haelokim Y’ra” that “Kol Mi Sheyesh Bo Yiraas Shamayim Dvarov Nishmaim” how far our for has come from that madreiga, we now only listen to speakers that have taken “Public speaking courses” and have mastered the art of sounding captivating and capturing your attention, it used to be about content, when previous gedolim would speak you could hear a pin drop that’s how closely everyone was listening to their every word…We don’t go to the siyum hashas for entertainment, it’s a celebration of 7 years of consistent daily Torah learning, I want to hear from someone that personifies this trait not an entertainer that can say “Current, interesting stories and jokes”
    How sad.

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    Have a great day!? 🙂

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    Totally agree with your last statement 🙂
    But in regards to what you said that Trump lowered the standard etc..his other “stuff” etc…and so in comparison “us Republicans” may view it as trivial, I don’t agree with that for 2 reasons.
    1. His other “stuff” and whether or not he acts “normal” or unethical or stupid etc, those are just personal flaws which don’t raise or lower the bar in regards to our perception of the severity of the legal accusations being presented.
    2. Forget about Trump for a second, I would laugh if I heard these accusations being made at ANY former president as a reason to try and impeach them! Impeachment is for Treason or High Crimes! Which aren’t defined explicitly obviously, but to say that this is a high crime is ridiculous.. If he was blackmailing them to withhold information about a criminal act he once did or something, I would have an easier time understanding, but everyone agrees their was something shady going on with Hunter Biden and the prosecution being shut down, etc and had he merely called about asking them to have a transparent investigation to determine what occurred that would have been a completely valid request, so just cause he “might” have hinted to them like “hey, you know we provide you with a huge amount of aid, so you should want to stay favorable in my eyes” their`s no president that I could think opf that we would say wow that’s a High Crime you should be removed from office.
    A Presidents entire day is busy talking and negotiating with all different countries and foreign leaders, there`s no president that didn’t have a conversation or call with a foreign leader that you wouldn’t be able to say that he might have implied blah blah blah…Obama had very questionable dealings with Iran and cash payments, the Clintons monetary dealings is a whole other matter, but have you ever heard of anyone implying that hey they should have been impeached over it?
    That’s why in my opinion this whole thing is a sham, not because I refuse to believe he did a “quid pro quo” but simply because whether he did or didn’t, going and trying to impeach him over that is saying, if Russia hoax didn’t work, we`ll make something else work…

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    It’s brought down in many places, midrashim, zohar, Heichalos. The Ramban in Shaar Hagmul discusses it more in length, but obviously we’re not talking about any physical pain or turture, since your body is laying in the ground and doesnt feel any pain, it’s torture to the persons soul, which if anything is much worse but it’s hard for the human mind to grasp the severity of this “Spiritual Torture”, being that we have never felt spiritual pain and only comprehend what we have in our world and thats only physical pain…

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