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    Popa! My gosh! You’ve got some appetite! Don’t mind me asking how much you weigh?

    Either way on a serious note of course you’ll find tons of junk food with tons of calories and fat, but they will never have(or “most likely will never have” for those who like to be medayik) high levels of ALL the properties of a standard full meal, which are calories, fat, carbs, AND protein, except for pizza of course. I’m not a nutritionist, but this is pretty basic.

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    from popa_bar_abba:”Take a look at the nutrition facts on a bag of potato chips, or a chocolate bar.”

    Ok. obviously you haven’t bothered looking at the nutrition facts. Here they are:

    Calories:- -1 slice Pizza 390 from fat 170

    – —-bag of potato chips 120 from fat 70

    -serving of chocolate (1/4 bar)139 from fat 73

    Total Fat: – 1 slice 19 grams saturated fat 11gms

    – – potato chips 8 grams saturated fat 2gms

    – -chocolate 8gms saturated fat 5 gms

    Sodium: – 1 slice 1000mgs yes thats one thousand!

    – – potato chips 120mgs

    – -chocolate 27mgs

    Carbs: – 1 slice 34 gms

    – – potato chips 10 gms

    – -chocolate 14gms (all from sugar)

    Protein: – 1 slice 22 grams yes thats twenty two!

    – – potato chips 1 gram

    – – chocolate 2 grams

    Thanks for bringing out my point even better. Basically get your facts straight before you comment.

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    the following are the nutritional facts of one slice of pizza from a frozen kosher pizza.

    Calories: 390 calories from fat: 170

    Total fat: 19 grams Saturated fat 11 grams 55% daily value

    Sodium: 1000 mg which is 42% daily value

    Total carbs: 34 grams

    Protein: 22 grams

    Now thats just ONE SLICE!! I’m not coming from a health point, but

    rather, Can anyone find me any other “snack” with such nutritional value?!

    I just want to point out to those who say they are just “snacking” on one slice, and it just happens to be in between breakfast and supper; Stop fooling yourself!

    Enjoy! I think I’m just gonna snack on a 16oz steak now…

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    Very interesting! Just spoke to my Rov. He explained to me that this is not based on a personal minhag but rather this is the halacha based on the shulachan aruch and mishna brurah. Kol Hakovad to Rabbi Bodner! I always respected his psak!

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