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    I dont think texting is as bad as everyone makes it out to be… I think that, in general, if someone wants to do something bad- they’ll do it….the question is, with what? yes, texting is a method of doing bad- but i dont think it should be banned…it’s actually good for someone like me, who likes to get a message out without all the unnecessary conversation

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    I am suggesting Waterbury. I live here and I love it…

    It’s your typical growing jewish community… yes you may have to go to NY to get kosher food, but thats how every other jewish community began…so move here!

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    I definitely think seminary is worth the money. I also think that everybody should know that not ALL seminaries are out to make the big bucks. There are people that run seminaries so that they can feel like they are giving- helping to raise the women of klal yisroel to be true nshei chayil and have a love for eretz yisroel. i loved seminary so much and i gained so much from it. i honestly think it was the best couple of thousand dollars that my parents have spent on me.

    I also think that everyone should stop badmouthing this topic. Seminary is a year that complete’s a girl’s education and prepares her for her coming years as a bas yisroel or a jewish wife/mother. Maybe instead of criticizing all the seminaries, we should thank them for ensuring a proper future for girls and for the generations to come….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)