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    The Neshama is a creation. But it is different than every other creation. So much so that the term “creation” when referriing to the Neshama means something different than “creation” when referring to everything else. The creation called a Neshama was created from the highest “source” possible, and directly from Hashem – not through the usual succession which starts with the spiritual and ends with the physical. The phrase “Chelek Elokah Mimaal” is borrowed from the Posuk in Iyov (31:2) ????? ????? ???????? ???????? ????????? ????? ??????????? and the source of the idea is the Sefer HaKanah, though oftentimes you will see it quoted from the Zohar (because the content is there, though not the exact quote), which comments on the Posuk ???? ????? ???? ???? – that ?? ????? ???? ??? ????. “He Who blows, blows from Himself.”

    The rest of creation was created by the ???? ??????

    Speech is a metaphor for Chitzoniyus

    The Neshama however comes from Hashem’s pnimiyus

    Speaking, one can speak for a long time (sometimes people talk way too long 🙂

    Blowing however you can’t do for too long because it is mamosh a part of you

    and this is the diference between the neshama and the rest of creation

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