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    I am heartened to hear that you were not a financial burden to your parents during your time in Seminary.

    Your insinuation that my daughter’s parenting or upbring may be to blame (your insult aside) is not the problem.

    My response point by point.


    girls in sem do NOT have to eat out every night,parents should not have to dish out so much extra money,

    I couldn’t agree more. Why though when my son is in Yeshiva will I not have to foot the bill to pay for dinner? Somehow tution covers 3 meals a day? Why won’t seminaries?


    girls can take buses



    and they do not have to go to europe

    Also agree. However you are missing the point, this is not a pleasure trip, The Seminary takes the trip to Poland and 90% of the students are going. Isn’t that a poor reflection of the Seminary? Don’t they have rachmunics on the parents who have difficulty paying?

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    Part of my concern which pushed me over the top prompting us to send our daughter to Seminary was that it seems to be a prerequisite for getting a good shiduich.

    I am aware of the programs here in the States but it seems to me, at least at this point in time, that they still aren’t considered to be equal to the Israeli seminaries. Maybe this is changing. I hope it does.

    Feif Un-

    I think you make a great point, I don’t know too many seminaries making dinner.


    I agree with you the experience is an important one and the connections with the teachers are very important, but I am hoping the whole experience can be replicated in the States.

    Blue shirt,

    I am not sure what Seminary has to do with Sherut Leumi.

    One more point also is that part of the Seminary experience is can be a “keeping up with the Joneses” for some of the girls who can’t afford to spend as much the others. Just for pure bein adom lchaviro purposes I think seminaries should figure out a way to cap out of control spending from some of their students. I feel terrible telling my daughter we can’t afford to pay for all the things her friends are doing.

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