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    i heard the people opening it up are mrs. soloff from lahav and the principal from mezuraz

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    no i heard mrs. jacobowitz is working in bya next yr

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    I checked into it and you can get college credit from Lahav and I heard the teachers and the program is amazing. I also heard they have a very nice group coming this year.

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    thank you bygirl93 your answer helped a lot. Do you know if it’s easy to get college credits for Lahav’s program?

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    Any info on Lahav and the type of girls that go there? Will they have a extended program option this coming year?

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    More questions about Lahav. Does anyone know what kind of students go there? Are they very academic or not really into learning so much? Is the program demanding and difficult? Will there be an option this year to stay 2 months longer? Do you have to find your own place each shabbos or does the sem stay together? What about Yom Tov?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)