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    Please say Tehilim for the Parnasa of Avraham Ben Rena. Avraham is a single parent who with hashem’s help recently won full custody of his daughter Yehudit from the clutches of her drug using mother. He is raising his 9 year old daughter with no family assistance. They are currently living paycheck to paycheck and are in danger of losing their apartment near shul due to a lack of work. Please pray for a positive outcome and may Hashem be with us all.

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    I noticed that a discussion I participated in entitled, “Not feeling very welcome” has suddenly disappeared.

    It wasn’t even moved under ‘Controversial Topics’

    C’mon guys, What gives?

    Is this because you are afraid that my postings exposed some Chasidim for not treating Ba’al Teshuvim well? If this is the case, then I am very disappointed.

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    For all that wish to Daven for us my name is Avraham Ben Rena

    Todah Raba Al Kol!

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    BH for kind-hearted people.

    Philosopher – if only I had friends like you where I lived 🙁 Perhaps soon G-d willing.

    I’m NOT going to give in. I’ve never been a quitter. Had I been one, I would already be dead. But Hashem didn’t have that in the cards for me. He must have bigger plans. Hashem doesn’t waste talent, right? He just seems to use it where it is most needed.

    Someday when this is all over I will have completed Rabbinical College and will be able to take more effective steps to fight for the rights of Ba’al Teshuvim. They need someone who understands the pain.

    Unfortunately aries2756 – All of the Chabad houses in this area are exactly the same and I am just not in with the right people.

    You know, I’ll just kill ’em with kindness. Put up a shul in a neighborhood that is NOT predominantly frum. Bring people back and teach them from the ground up. Instead of having evelyn wood speed davening, there should be courded that teach people not only how to daven, but how to maximize Kavanah when praying. I truly believe that these are the kind of things that Hashem really wants us to do.

    I hope you will all continue to talk to me. I really do not want to fall off, but I am going it alone 99% of the time.

    Thanks for your encouragement. Bracha Vi’Hatzlacha!

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    I was really touched to find that there are actually some people out there who believe in Ahavat Yisroel. For the two nice people that responded to my post, I think I need to further clarify the position so that there is no misunderstanding.

    First of all…I understand the 10 tests Hashem gave to Avraham Aveinu. I am certain that because I am a strong individual that there is some type of spiritual growth at the end of this. I can only hope!

    Also I should give more clarification on my level of observance and level of knowledge. I am 100% Jewish as both of my parents are Sephardic Jews with fully traceable lineage. My mothers side of the family are Leviim and my great grandfather was an Orthodox Rabbi in Casablanca, Morrocco. The religion is very strong on this side of the family. Problem: They all live in Israel and I cannot get out of here due to severe financial hardships. I daven Shacharit (with Tephillin), Mincha and Maariv including the viduy & tachnun except for when not required. I attend at least one class a week even though I am a single parent. My daughter is 100% observant. So much, that all of the shliach’s daughters in the area have personally befriended her. My daughter the purported ‘non-Jew’ (realize that this is a technicality. Her Neshama is one of ours) I know this because of the incredible protection she has received from Hashem prior to me winning custody of her. She will not hang out with secular children, because she does not feel comfortable with them. She has denounced her birth mother’s religion (catholic) as ‘idol-worshiping’. We are no joke! Make no bones about it, we are extremely tough people because we have risen from the ashes many times.

    Philosopher – You are 100% correct in your assessment, but you may not understand the degree of cruelty that actually takes place.

    The goy child being let into the Hebrew Academy is NOT FROM A JEWISH MOTHER. She is in the process of converting and although she is a very pious individual, fact remains that she and the child are not Jewish. The reality of the situation is that she is a community favorite and has won the hearts of the Shliachs. To make matters worse, this woman is my ex-girlfriend from before coming back to the religion.

    I am also receiving the run around about trying to get my daughter into the mikvah. I am being told that she needs to be in Yeshiva to complete conversion. They will not let her into Yeshiva, because she is not Jewish. Am I just supposed to stand around and let my own people abuse me?

    When people wake up and know what Ahavat Yisroel is again (we haven’t has since before the second Bet Hamigdash was destroyed) Moshiach will come. (Remember, it was destroyed because we could not treat one another with love.) But until then…I am afraid we once again sow our own destruction, because people cannot get over money, politics, popularity, big business hechshers ripping off the poor with impossible prices, caring only about their own share in the world to come and nobody else’s. Doesn’t anyone really read Perkei Avot anymore? Nope! too busy worrying about insignificant material meshugas and putting the less fortunate down.

    Another thing I will say is that I am not a brown-noser. So if being one is what it takes to get accepted in a Jewish community then I’m done. I am an intelligent, educated and respectable human being and I am treated as if I am much lesser because I am poor. I am only poor because I sacrifice every penny to give my daughter a pure yiddushkeit life. In the end, I just want her to grow up to be a Jew and marry a decent man. I could care less about my own material gain. Let’s just say that I am not a person to take too much abuse. I was the only Jew who didn’t run when the Klan invaded my college campus. The rest of our ‘tribe’ ran like a bunch of cowards, leaving me to fight them all by myself which I did. My point is, what happened to the great Benai Yisroel who is supposed to be unified under Hashem bringing light to other nations. Nobody is calling our people out when they do wrong to each other. I see a lot of corruption. I won’t give up, but isolation seems better than interfacing with people who don’t care about others and don’t even stand up for themselves.

    Hashem performed a great miracle by delivering my daughter from a pure evil environment. Surely He will not allow all of this struggle to go to waste. This is what I tell myself every day.

    The problem is I’m tired and I’m fed up. My patience is exhausted and I have to fight ill feelings all of the time. To do this, I try to say Tehillim and meditate on the greatness of Hashem.

    Sometimes I would like to settle some of these issues in the boxing ring with the primary offender. We, of course, are not a nation of blood thirsty beings.

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