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    My Gmail is working perfectly fine!!

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    I acutally have a cousin that broke an engagement right after l’chaim… Found out minute too late something about the girl.. He’s waiting over a year now for shidduchim… People are scared to even consider going out with him… He is great boy- all mallus- big masmud, great middos…

    I wonder how I can know if you’re going out with him… if so- no doubts at all…

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    I don’t mean to criticize yidden, but I was very hurt by experience I had.

    On motzei yom tov- my husband & I were dropped off from the Monroe bus in Williamsburg- @ the last bus stop for the Boro Park & Williamsburg bus. Being that we had no cell to call a car & the last bus had alaready left, my husband stuck his hand out & was hithcing.

    The 20 minutes that we waited, after 12:00, many, many yidden passed with empty vans/cars & didn’t even look at our direction.

    Finally= a car did stop for us- A Car Service & we were on our way home.

    I don’t mean to say that you have to stop & take in people in your car , but on the other hand – you will get only schar from above- did you think about that?

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    In my opinion- these valedictorians are usually the ones that are in need of a bit attention- so the school administration gives it to them…

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