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    I am from out of town and I have a really good friend there now. She loves it, and she finds the academics to be challenging but great for her level (mind you, she is a top notch student). She loves the atmosphere and has many friends there. Its not such a large school but its in a great location. If you’re looking for a more “frummy” sem and a more sheltered mix of girls, its definitely a great sem to look into. Maybe also Bnos Sara, Machon Raya or Tiferes.

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    Maybe Bnos Chava

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    ateres or seminar

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    Ok thank you all for your input. It was definitely not my intention to cause any misunderstandings or hard feelings, however in case there were any confusions, I would like to first clarify the situation.

    The girl, lets call her Sara, was traveling alone. She had two 50 lb bags plus a carry on suitcase weighing about 20 lbs as well as a 10-15 lb backpack. As Sara weighs 110 lbs, yes the bags together (weighing about 130 lb) DID weigh more than her.

    Second, she was in no way harmed, however as she knew no Hebrew to ask someone for help with her bags (remember it was her first time in E”Y so how should she know that almost everyone knows English?) she was heading for some area where she would receive a cart to help her with her luggage. On her way there, she stumbled over one of her larger bags and tripped in the middle of a group of bachurim who not only refused to help her with her bags, but stared at her. Of course I cannot say I know the other side of the story because frankly, I don’t. But either way, lets assume she had been able to help herself up within a matter of 30-40 seconds, the humiliation she must have felt is out of this world… Either way in the end of the story, I believe a non religious man saw her struggling and helped her with her bags.

    Again, I am no Rabbetzin, so please excuse me if my assumption is incorrect or if my concern is unnecessary.

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