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    He was also:

    raised religion wise by Rav Gorelick. Learned by and Bichavrusa with Rav Gershon Zacks. He spent shabbosim at Rav Sneur Kotler’s house for 4 years. Married the daughter of Rav Grossbard (was mashgiach of Ponevezh)with Rav Shach as mesader kedushin. His wife was supposedely one of three women allowed to have meetings privately with the Steipler. Learned in Rav Michel Feinstein’s extremely exclusive taharos kollel.

    To define someone as YU guy based on the fact that they learned there, and held of Rav Soleveitchik is ridiculous. He probably had more shaychis with the gedolim than any of your lakewood/brisk rosh yeshiva types.

    He might be not typical but who really is when you learn about them. To define him as YU rebbe is way to black and white and is incorrect

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)