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    apushatayid, I’m sorta with you on that one, which is why I hesitate to buy books, but I just finished the book I asked about, “A Tale of Two Sisters,” in one sitting. (I stayed up til 2am, and left my house a disaster–it was that good!)

    Very well written, excellent dialogue, believable–and interesting–plot, and a SUPERB ending.

    Just thought I’d let you know…

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    SayIDidit, the book I’m talking about, “A Tale of Two Sisters,” just came out. It’s listed on Feldheim’s summer reading list… Doesn’e seem like anyone has heard of it, so I’ll take the plunge.

    Stay tuned……

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    Has anyone read “A Tale of Two Sisters”? I heard that it’s really well-written… looking for some opinions….

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    Obviously, I am not part of the norm, although I always thought I was…..

    I don’t know who demands down payments from their parents and the like, but if this is true, I have to say I think it is bad chinuch on the parents’ part…

    I am young married and in Lakewood, and not living off my parents at all. Neither are many of the people I know. When our (collective) parents help us, it’s because they want to; not because we demand it. And although I can’t vouch for others’ relationships with their parents, I’d say that the majority of the people I know have good ones and are living in Kollel because they understand what it means to live in Kollel.

    Granted, the standard of living here is a bit over-the-top. In fact, it bothers me very much. But before you blast Lakewood as a whole, know that there are many people here who make do with very little and appreciate living a Kollel lifestyle.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)