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    Some clarification is in order. I do not in any manner or form endorse Frumspeak or many of the positions of R Yaakov Shapiro. I wrote an article for Jewish Action many years ago about internet resources for teens with questions. Frumspeak was one of the resources I considered. I had seen a sampling of responses, and they seemed good, so I brought the site to the attention of readers. The reaction from readers was quick and furious; I quickly learned about other responses on Frumspeak, and positions of its author. I retracted my piece in a subsequent issue. I regret that I was not more conversant with some of those other responses when I first wrote my piece. (It should not surprise anyone that a bright, gifted person is capable of some very good responses to teen questions – and some very bad ones at the same time.) Any implied endorsement has been entirely pulled back. (My neighbors would be amused by one commenter’s assumption that I am MO. Not to mention the fact that Wikipedia says that I am charedi, and Wikipedia is always right! For better or worse, I am probably as charedi as R Yaakov Shapiro. But I don’t regard the MO label as negative either. I know plenty of MO yidden whose company, yiras shomayim, ehrlichkeit, and general avodas Hashem seem more appealing to me than that of some of my charedi coreligionists. )

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