The Reporter


When Kobi Levy, start reporter for one of the largest secular newspapers in Israel, took on the assignment of doing an expose on an Arachim seminar—from a virulently anti-Chareidi viewpoint—little did he realize what was truly in store for him…

The Reporter, by Kobi Levy, is not your typical “baal teshuvah story” book. Firstly, the way Kobi Levy discovered Yiddeshkeit is as atypical as a story can get, as readers will see for themselves in Part One, and secondly, Part Two of the book is comprised of other amazing stories that Levy, as a journalist (albeit now a frum one!), picked up during the course of his colorful career.

There’s the story of how a complex Rashba helped cure the victim of a terrorist attack; how an elderly baal chessed living in Yerushalayim unwittingly brought about the strangest of reunions; the chessed an exceptionally sensitive person did for an emotionally unwell individual late one night … and many more inspiring—and often astounding—stories.

These are stories you will find yourself reading again and again—and relating over to others, as well. They are stories with a point—which, when told by this gifted journalist, find their way straight to your heart.

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