YWN EXCLUSIVE: Doherty Slams Hikind for ‘Fabrication,’ Says Hikind Is Engaging In Dirty Tricks


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A Jewish website posted a sensational story yesterday about Hikind’s Republican challenger – Brian Doherty. That website claimed that Doherty, who is running an uphill battle against incumbent Democratic Assemblyman Dov Hikind, accepted a contribution from a holocaust denier. However, the website gave no proof of this contribution nor did it give Doherty the opportunity to respond to its claim.

In an exclusive interview with YWN, Doherty strongly denied the accusation, “This is a complete fabrication. I have no such contributions and I believe this is an act of a desperate man: Hikind,” said Brian Doherty to YWN who then went on to condemn Holocaust deniers. “I strongly disagree with any such philosophy of anyone denying the Holocaust. I urge everyone to see this dirty trick for what it is. Utter nonsense,” Doherty concluded.

Doherty pointed out that a simple search of New York State campaign finance records would have turned up this discrepancy. “My campaign finances are meager but open online for inspection by anyone who cares to look,” he explained. According to New York State law, all contributions to political candidates within the last 11 days of the election must be reported online within 24 hours. The website claimed that this contribution was given within the last week. However, a quick search of campaign finance records found no such contributions to Doherty’s campaign.

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(Dov Gordon for YWN)


  1. WOW!
    I saw this article just 2 minutes after I got the following email.
    Now I know not to vote Hikind.
    Thanks Yeshiva World!

    Dear Friends:
    Today is Election Day where we the voters hold the power and determine who shall represent us. For all my friends living in the 48th Assembly District of New York, I respectfully urge you to go out and vote for our good friend Assemblyman Dov Hikind.
    Dov has been serving our entire community faithfully for the past 3 decades. Through his efforts he has brought in millions of dollars of funding for our community organizations. He has been an outspoken advocate for Jewish causes and assisted thousands and thousands of constituents with their needs.
    For the first time in many years, Dov has an opponent who is aggressively campaigning against him. In a year where voters are hungry for change, apathy is not an option, and we cannot take anything for granted. Every vote counts.
    Dov’s opponent has received support from a known Holocaust denier, so we need to send a clear message and send Dov back to Albany with a decisive victory.
    So please go and vote NOW!! Polls are open till 9 pm.
    Yeruchim Silber
    Yeruchim Silber & Associates
    Community and Government Relations Consultants

  2. Dov got my VOTE this morning, and i am proud with that.

    anyone trying to thwart his reputation wont succeed he has proven to our community what he is capable of and what he can do.

    Thank you DOV for your great work and good luck in the elections.

  3. Who is Yeruchim Silber and what does he have to say about the rebuttal? A chance Google search on that name finds someone who is involved with Friedlander group PR and a Facebook friend of Yoni Hikind and Yehuda Levin.

  4. RE: Yeruchim Silber:

    Yeruchem, why do you have to fight dirty? Can’t you simply be content to praise your candidate, and let the voters decide?

    Shame on you for making this mudslinging Chilul Hashem!

  5. I would suggest someone call the State Board of Elections.You will be told that Doherty never filed his most recent financial disclosure as he was required to do and that he is now being assessed a penalty. The contribution from the Holocaust denier would have been available on the most recent filing had Doherty followed the law and filed it. Board of Elections is sending Doherty a letter for payment.

  6. I just checked out the web site of the holocaust denier in question. Here is exactly what it says:

    –begin quote–

    New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind made his appearance on this blog a bit less than a year ago when he spearheaded a successful effort to get American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Paypal to deny their services to historian and author David Irving.

    These last 28 years, Hikind has been a creature of the Zionist-oriented Brooklyn political machine such that he has not faced opposition in his re-election campaigns.

    In the election 8 days from now, that changes. Brian Doherty, a retired NYC policeman, is opposing Hikind as the Republican nominee for the seat Hikind has warmed for far too long.

    Donating to Doherty’s worthy campaign is easy to do via Paypal and other means denied Irving by Hikind at Doherty’s Web site http://www.dohertyforassembly.com/. I know – I just did it with some of the money I wanted to spend with our good friend David Irving.

    There’s still plenty of room, but little time, for the donations of others who wish to seize this opportunity to “thank” Dov Hikind for his many “contributions” to the spread of truth regarding the Holocaust.

    –end quote–

    I tried to search the NY Elections contribution database but it is very slow.

  7. Typical Hikind scare tactics. This is as true as David Greenfield goes to church on Sunday. Vote Hikind to send him a message for once. We are not naive and foolish to fall for his garbage.

  8. dear charlie hall (no. 8):

    I just lost my respect for you. Shame on you for using such demagogue tactics to defame a decent person, Brian Doherty.

    The man is a simple ex-policeman. Do you expect him to examine the Kashruth of the Tzitzith of every person who sends him a small donation?

    How is he supposed to know the history of every name that shows up on his list of donors–people who he DID NOT SOLICIT FOR DONATION, who simply decided to do an internet donation on their own.

    This kind of below-the-belt, cynical tactic is unworthy of such a normally-intelligent Liberal commentator, like you.

    I guess some people lose their balance during election time.

  9. It seems that YW has turned into an organ dedicated to bashing Dov Hikind.
    Why is that?
    I think that besides for the 10 people who consistently jump on the bandwagon whenever there is an anti-Hikind story most of Dov’s constituency appreciates his decades of work for the community.
    Where is our hakoras hatov?
    Please go back to your un-biased reporting

  10. With no proof offered, it does look like a dirty trick. Hikind should either offer proof or apologize. I live in the suburbs, but wish I could vote for Doherty. Nobody has a “right” to hold a political position for life.

  11. u33073, is non-biased reporting called reporting everything Hikind promotes? Is non-biased called being against everything Hikind is against? I call THIS fair reporting. Why cause more anti-Semites by ‘fair reporting’. Kudos to YWN for saying the truth!

  12. deepthinker,

    What tactics? I didn’t comment at all on this; I just copied the text from the denier’s site. I did not say or imply anything regarding Doherty’s knowledge or support of the holocaust denier in question. And I’ve been trying for hours to look up the name on the NY Board of Elections web site; it doesn’t return any information. All we know is that there is a holocaust denier who is trying to get Dov Hikind out of office because of Hikind’s work against holocaust deniers. I did not question Doherty’s denial of the contribution; and as I pointed out I was not even able to confirm that there even WAS a contribution!

  13. It is our reponsiblity to vote for a true and dear friend of klal yisroel DOV HIKIND someone who has done so much for everyone both at an indevidual level and at a group/klal level.
    Everyone knows that when thay need something or are in trouble thay can rely on Dov a true friend to all.

    after all is said and done….
    who set up a complaint desk in their office to make sure that our community is safe, after a shooting in Boro Park where 4 people were shot and the police had’nt recorded it who took action?? who TRUELY cares about their community and fellows??
    this is only one of many instances where Dov has gone way above his duties and responsibilities to help our community as well as help indeviduals.

    now do any of you know who his oppenent is?? what his history is?? I can guarentee you that he doesnt even come close to DOV HIKIND’s toes. – Dov is and allways was one who loves showes his true Ahavas Yisroel one who is constantly trying to aid schools and yeshivos in their financial troubles.

    I can totaly understand you all for feeling jealious of DOV HIKIND and his accomplishments so do I and thats why I’M GONNA GO OUT AND VOTE FOR DOV HIKIND, SO HIS GOOD CAN CONTINUE TO FLOW THROUGH OUR COMMUNITY!!!!!!!


    p.s shame on all of you including YESHIVA WORLD NEWS for posting against a true friend of all of us DOV HIKIND.


  14. This is typical YWN Bashing Hikind Supporting Greenfield. I’m Personally getting tierd of this Biased reporting. Dovs Record is what matters and which is why he got my vote today. Who ever convinced Mr. Doherty to come out of retirement wasted his time, our klall would be in great danger if we lost Dov

  15. Deepthinker,

    Thanks. I was just trying to get as many facts as I could.

    I still can’t get any information from the NYS Board of Elections site. It claims $0 in contributions for Doherty during October.

  16. All of those bashing YWN: Do you realize that YWN actually gives you a source of news for no cost. HIKIND DOESN’T EVEN DO THAT (I can also use caps). Please, mention even one accomplishment (Ahavas Yisroel and Menchlich are characters not accomplishments. And I wouldn’t call someone who uses the tactics he used (against Greenfield) a Mensch and someone with Ahavas Yisroel.

  17. Dave
    Lets call a spade a spade. Greenfield is the king of tactics. Look at all of the shenanagins he pulled against Joe Lazar.
    He is determined to make himself a political kingpin and will stop at nothing until he gets there. He and his friends have already fractured our community enough.