AGAIN: Another Yahrzeit Candle Melts Over Yom Tov – SEE THE PHOTOS


The attached photos were submitted to YWN by the person this happened to.

The family member tell YWN that he woke up on Sukkos morning and found his Yartzheit candle totally on fire. He immediately picked it up and carried it outside his home.

This is the second incident involving a company called “L’hava”.

There have been multiple incidents in the past year that YWN has reported about.

The most recent incident was on Yom Kippur morning.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Anyone who buys a plastic candle is a moron. What’s the train if thought here ? “Well if it’s for sale, it must be safe!” Where’s the personal responsibility?

  2. Can we hear what L’hava has to say? Do they have number to contact? Seems like a recall is in order or at the very least a warning not to use this brand.

  3. From the picture, it looks like the candle is in a plastic container. Why would anyone buy such a thing? Either buy a yahrzeit candle in a metal or glass container. Plastic is just begging for trouble.

  4. This article begs 2 questions: Who in his/her right mind would buy a yartzeit candle in a plastic container? And, who in his/her right mind would sell yartzeit candle in a plastic container?

  5. Why is this still a thing? Plastic + fire = badness!!! It’s not rocket science people!! Worst of all are the people manufacturing, importing, and selling this garbage. It’s irresponsible and it’s going to hurt someone.

  6. i also had this happen to me and it is a sekana! these candles should not be made or sold any more. what will it take for this to stop? A death or lawsuit?