YOM KIPPUR MIRACLE: Look How These Yartzheit Candles Melted


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The attached photos were submitted to YWN by the person this happened to.

The family member tell YWN that he woke up on Yom Kippur morning to the strong smell of burning plastic. He ran downstairs, and found a Yartzheit candle in middle of melting.

The frightened family told YWN “we woke up just in time”.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Not that the plastic should melt but if these were for yom kippur why is a 7 day candle being used? and were the candles too close to each other? causing extra heat?

  2. I’ve never seen this brand, but from the photos it certainly looks like there was some kind of top on the candles.
    I bought 2 and 3 day yartzeit candles in plastic last year and they all burned out within moments. I’ve neber had a problem with glass ones other them not lasting a full 24 hours.

  3. So what did the frightened family do when they discovered the candle in middle of melting.
    Or, rather, what should they have done? One for the rabbis, I think.

  4. So now we have YK miracle in a addition to the Chanuka miracle.

    So now the New Minhag for YK will be to light a 1 HR Candle , and keep the 8 days for Chanuka.

    Enjoy Sukkot and please DO NOT LIGHT CANDLES IN A HUT.