LISTEN TO IT: Hagaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky: “Rabbi Berland Is Crazy”


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In a rare and unusual recording that was published by BeChadrei Charedim news site, Hagaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky is heard making an extremely strong statement against the leader of the Shuvu Banim group, Rabbi Eliezer Berland.

The recording came about after a student of Rabbi Berland got into a verbal fight at a Kollel where he learned and sent a question to Hagaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky regarding the correctness of the words of the other student. Rabbi Kanievsky replied: The other student is correct. This Rabbi Berland is crazy.”

Rav Kanievsky is known to weigh each word carefully as thousands listen to him and follow his opinions closely.

The news site uncovered a second incident in which Rav Kanievsky called Berland a Rasha and told a fellow rabbi not to go anywhere near Berland.


  1. “ Rav Kanievsky is known to weigh each word carefully as thousands listen to him and follow his opinions closely.”
    The mere fact that rav Chaim called him “harav” berland is just a proof that he is not simple man he never said he a rasha chas veshalom
    Btw Don’t believe everything you hear this video is a few yes old
    הצדיק חיי יקים

  2. You don’t have to make cheshbonis what which Godol said this one is anti this one is pro it’s not color war just keep quiet and stay out of machlokes since when is everyone a maan damar And everyone so quick to judge
    start looking at the good in people and hashem will do the same if u only look at the bad in people hashem will do that also lo alanu has

  3. Since everyone knows Berland is a “rasha” , “crazy” , a convicted abuser, etc. why do we continue to refer to this guy as “rabbi” and give him all this media attention? He and his thugs do not represent the Breslov chassidus.

  4. Food for Thought:
    Maybe if we tried hard to spread a lot of peace amongst our nation and also peace amongst other nations and also we need to avoid saying something that may cause a fight between other people, in this merit of spreading lots of peace, may the Almighty take away from us this new coronavirus.

  5. to eishsheli

    the fact that some one is a rabbi does not mean he is a good fellow too. Plenty of lousy, crooked and even evil people with smicha. Rav Kanievsky is not respected because he is a ‘rabbi’ but because he is a yerat shomiyim, lamdan, straight, and super intelligent with a heritage that puts him above the rest.

    Berland, even with the title ‘rabbi’ is a rasha, and as Rav Kanievsky says, a ‘meshuga’ = nut case.

  6. I’m not weighing on on the story itself, however, YWN should be extremely cautious when posting stories about the Gadol Hador, and anticipate the fact that some stories will encourage /invite its readers to stumble and write comments that would be disrespectful towards the foremost Sar HaTorah in our generation.
    It’s not worth the couple of views and clicks the story will generate if it results in dishonor to the Torah.

  7. Gadolhadorah I agree with you, but try telling that to a breslover! they have his back no matter what. HE can kill someone in front of them and they will say bc he had ruach hakodesh that the person needed to die. They are completely brainwashed.

  8. Am I the only one who finds it odd that only 4 seconds of this recording is being publicized?? For all we know, put into context with the rest of the conversation, R’ Chaim could have been praising Rav Berland. There is absolutely no context here whatsoever and the rest of the recording was very obviously edited out so it will fit with the ugly picture these perpetrators are trying to paint of HaTzadik Rav Berland Shlita.

  9. With respect to the Rav, I disagree: Berland isn’t crazy, he is a calculating, sick, evil & corrupt pervert. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Crazy people don’t have that control.

  10. Where is the actual footage of him saying this? This could be fake for all we know.

    For an example , someone made a fake video voiceover of Rav Berland years ago, and the news presented it as authentic

  11. Nobody here is quick to judge. If anything we’ve been slow to judge. He’s been Meshuga for a while. He might not represent Breslov but his demise is proof to listen to the Gedolim from previous generations and stay away from Breslov. Having a dead Rebbe is dangerous

  12. We continue to call him a Rabbi to preserve that fact in our minds do we can apply the lesson learned to other situations.
    A Rabbi and talmid chacham doesn’t have to be a Tzadik.

  13. The rav been called a meshugana all his life Yes u have to be meshuga to daven for hrs and hrs and sing and dance especially at the age of the rav you have to be meshuga to be giving a few shiurim all over the country without sleeping at all besides his dad homie shuir before visikin yes you have to be meshuga to go to Tel Aviv streets to bring people back to Yiddiskite people used to scream at him for bringing people with pony’s to Bene brak .yes you have to be meshuga to go to mikve with crocadiles and snakes you have to be meshuga to go to forests in Arab territories to go do hissbodedus I wish one day we’ll also realize we are all also meshuga

  14. @eishsheli
    Why don’t you just say that your alliances are with Rav Berland & what R’ Chaim Kaniyevsky Shlita says (or doesn’t say) has no bearing on you because you are in the camp of the other “gadol”.

    The fact that he may have been mekarev people (even thousands) does not give him immunity from his alleged behavior (which by the way – is pretty well established to have happened, this includes recordings of conversations he has had with his defense attorney, etc.).

    Also I’m not sure where you find a heter to do hisbodedus in an area which people consider dangerous (to the extent that they would call you meshuga for going there – not to mention alone!!) or for that matter going into a mikveh with snakes & crocs (pun not intended).

    The possuk in the tochacha that says …והייתה משוגע is not a מצות עשה, it is a curse.
    Have a wonderful Adar!!

  15. @yechezkel18
    I’m in alliance with all gedolim I’m just not in alliance with fake news and false media which apparently you do believe in
    Who with a brain in their head can believe an edited an altered video
    And in regards to hisbodedus and mikvea reb Nachman writes countless times that there’s is no need to be scared from any of them no harm can come from them