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Cuomo On Summer Camps: Until More Clairty On Kawasaki Disease, No Decision Made

NY Governor Cuomo, during a daily coronavirus task force briefing in Manhattan, said a syndrome that is similar to Kawasaki disease that has afflicted 157 children across the state has made his administration hesitate to make a decision on reopening summer day camps for children. A decision on schools, he added, will not be made until well into the summer months.

“Should I send my children to day camp? Is it safe? Until we have this answer on this pediatric syndrome; as a parent, until I know how widespread this is, as a parent I would not send my children to day camp,” he said.

“They’re still exploring this. So, make a decision on the facts. What do you do when they keep changing the facts?”


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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. our dear governor. he got a hold of some extra power and will not easily let go. these decisions need to be made by commitee not by a single man, even if he’s the governor. they look like they’re coming from the DNC.

  2. It’s very interesting for us to listen about your stupid personality
    When you said they’re changing the facts Mr governor You’re part of the problem
    Now you’re going to lock hundred of thousands of children locked in their houses with all the risk’s Just because you don’t want to send your own

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