WIlliamsburg: Partial Collapse Of Building Under Construction [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


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One person was injured in a partial collapse of a building under construction in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.

It happened at around 8:00PM at 376 Flushing Ave near Franklin Ave. Sources tell YWN that the collapse involved freshly poured concrete.

Dozens of emergency personnel from the FDNY and NYPD responded.

One civilian with moderate injuries has been transported to a local hospital. All other construction workers are accounted for.

The NYPD says that Flushing Avenue from Kent Avenue to Franklin Avenue is closed.

The Building Department is on the scene investigating.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Waiting for the mayors tweet about: Jews not social distancing. But great job unions building such a big beautiful building…

  2. Instead of those folks standing bunched up together, they should get away from there, purchase a face mask and observe social distancing and observe יום-ירושלים

  3. B”H there weren’t more injuries. I’m wondering what year these people think it is. There isn’t even an attempt at social distancing! And those “anti semitic” policmen don’t care at all about Jewish lives. They aren’t enforcing social distancing at all. Oh, I almost forgot. Social distancing is just a conspiracy to get back at Trump and isn’t really necessary…

  4. Social distancing? Masks? Wait till deBlasio hears of this, he’ll blame the collapse on the Jews breathing near the site. Or whatever he can come up with.

  5. No masks. No social distancing.
    When a vaccine is available they should be among the last; after all they don’t and won’t do the right thing and as the posuk says, “עזוב תעזוב עמו” and chazal say that you help those that are willing to do their part. If they sit back and refuse to do their part, you aren’t required to help them.