WIlliamsburg: Children’s Carnival Shut Down By NYPD, Summons Issued [VIDEOS]


The NYPD has shut down a children’s carnival in Williamsburg on Friday afternoon.

Sources tell YWN that the police arrived at Bedford Ave and Lynch Street, and found a few tables with children selling popcorn and lemonade stand.

Dozens of children were on line happily purchasing treats, when the cops arrived and shut the carnival down.

A summons with a court date was issued to the father of one of the children.


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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Good, this flagrant violation of the law should be prosecuted. We have seen too many Petira notices in YWN from the Brooklyn Chareidi community

  2. Think how dystopian this is! Summonses for ‘social gathering’! The virus is gone from NY! No one is spreading anything. But the draconian edicts are still in force. Anyone wonder why?!

  3. Dear Sisters and Brothers, It is with a heavy heart that we all watch what is happening in our Communities. It is with a heavier heart that we can at least take lessons from what is happening and pass it down for generations. If only all the kids on the video would have been taught manners and how to honor cleanliness as per our Holy Torah ways!

  4. If there’s an argument to push for opening yeshivas, this kind of behavior doesn’t help. A community wide effort to educate our families about health, safety and other related issues, would be a good idea.
    I would mention that unfortunately Mercer and other infectious diseases are rampant in our communities. Instead of looking at the department of health as the bogeyman, maybe we should find internal organizations within each community to push for improvements in the way we guard our health and the lives of our families.

  5. I am sickened by the video. I see people without masks or respecting social distancing making a huge chillul Hashem and endangering lives recklessly for no reason. Then we are crying and begging funds for Almonos and Yesomim from Covid 19 virus. Please Please Please people, we must act responsibly.

  6. 100% deserving. Whether or not you agree with the social distancing laws made by our genius Governor, a law is a law…

  7. did we not see the police commissioner buying lemonade from a lemonade stand a couple of weeks ago? oh,that was a non jew so it’s OK

  8. What is wrong with our community??! Do we not realize we’re in the midst of a global pandemic? Have we not lost enough precious yidden and human lives yet?!
    Oh; just wait, we’ll have some askunim apply pressure in the right places and Trump will declare Williamsburg lemonade stands “essential” business.

  9. listen its a easier job to run after small kids , than to take care of the butchers in the Harlem complex who shoot and stabbed one an other, but what a shame on NY finest to show their braveness on this …………………………………and what about scaring inocent children from these …………………………..

  10. Not much of a “carnival” but, whatever wording you can use to make things sound worse than they are (and no I do not agree with whatever happened-unfortunately i have to express that here)

  11. These comments sadden me. The communities that have been more cautious in reopening got mussar from commentators here on ywn. Many of those same commentators are now giving mussar to the communities opening too quickly. This just makes me think that perhaps we just get a thrill of putting others down. How sad. The exact opposite of what the aibeshter wants from us. When will we finally show respect to each other even when we do not agree? Will Hashem have to bring something worse to get rid of the loshon hara and disparaging remarks about other communities?

  12. I love how the people come with their lashon horah issues. Based on the sefer chofetz chaim; these irresponsible people may have a din of a roidef.
    But setting that aside; noone here is truly seeking to disparage others. It’s simply sickening to watch hundreds of our own community no longer among the living, some 100,000 dead in the IS and some lunatics are holding a carnival. Running lemonade stands. C’mon how much do you want overlooked?! Then the police will be lambasted along with DeBlasio. We are in Golus, get it through your heads. These images spread WORLDWIDE in seconds. How irresponsible can they be?