“A Shavuos Gift” – Israel’s Health Ministry Allows Up To 70 People In Shul Or 100 In Two Rooms

Credit: Israel Police

In what Health Minister Yuli Edelstein called a gift for the chag, Israel’s Health Ministry announced on Tuesday night, among a larger rollback of restrictions, that shuls can hold minyanim with up to 70 participants as of Wednesday morning, an increase of 20 people over the 50 people allowed thus far.

Shuls can also house up to 100 mispallelim in two separate rooms within the same building.

The shuls must, of course, continue to adhere to health ministry regulations such as wearing masks and maintaining a distance of two meters between each mispallel.

While seated, an empty chair must be maintained between each mispallel. Mispallelim are  required to bring their own siddurim and chumashim.

A “coronavirus gabbi” must be appointed in each shul to ensure the regulations are upheld and that the shul is regularly cleaned and disinfected.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)



  1. Kol hakovod to Israel. They succeeded in keeping new cases to an absolute minimum for weeks now and are allowing people to get back to Shul, school and business.
    I believe it only worked because they had very strict rules in place albeit for a shorter period of time.
    The NY area was never absolutely strict but is dragging it out over too many painful months.
    What scares me most is that NY may become a lawless region if this goes on any longer and I can just hope the government rethinks things before things get ugly.