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SHOCK VIDEO: See What This Meah Shearim Toddler Says In A Toy Store

When watching this toddler in a Meah She’arim toy store, we are taken aback. We think, “No. It cannot be. Is this really his reaction? He is not yet two years old! Is this what he says when he sees the toy police car in the box?”

We replay it, once again – hoping, praying – that it is not so.

But it is.

The young child’s reaction brings us to a sad and frightening conclusion. These children, who will comprise the future residents of Meah She’arim in two decades, are brought up with both a warped sense of history, and a firm hatred. They do not know who the Nazis really were. They are clueless as to the enormous evil of what it means to gas and burn millions of Jews.

To them, the word “Nazi” has become just a means in which one can bring deep insult to the police who will occasionally enter into Me’ah She’arim.

Belzec. Sobibor. Treblinka. Auschwitz. These killing centers, where millions of kedoshim were murdered, have now become words in a political battle.

They do not realize that in the process of hijacking these words, they are stepping upon the memories of the Kedoshim.

Why speak up?  Because the once very holy city of Me’ah She’arim has now become sullied with the evil of sinas chinam, with the ultimate mechaneh shaim ra l’chaveiro. Worse still is that this depraved behavior has infected klal yisroel’s most precious commodity – our youth.

(YWN World headquarters – NYC)

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  1. the once very holy city of Me’ah She’arim has now become sullied with the evil of sinas chinam, with the ultimate mechaneh shaim ra l’chaveiro. Worse still is that this depraved behavior has infected klal yisroel’s most precious commodity – our youth.

    Your knowledge of holocaust history may be great – but not of what the denizens of ‘Meah Shearim’ have been through over the past 100+ years. Starting with the prophets (Herzl) right-hand man (Weizman) who collected money for the Old Yishuv in America during the First World War and then, on his return, refused to pass it over without the Yishuv giving over the reins of the education system to his cronies. The leasers of the Yishuv refused and people died of hunger as a result.
    The assassination of Dr Josef de haan – a professor of international law who became frum and settled in Jerusalem, and ended up advising the Rabbi of the Yishuv R Sonnenfeld – for his part in resisting the wholesale takeover of the Yishuv.
    The police attrocities – and I use that word carefully – against members of the old Yishuv that went unreported and unrecorded in the first years after the state was established.
    And so on until the most recent spate of brutal attacks – one of which was caught on CCTV during Shabbos – in which a platoon of riot police made their way down an empty street, chancing upon one solitary man returning home from assisting his elderly father. For absolutely no reason he was thrown violently to the ground. Fortunately the attack was captured from two cameras, and better still – he is a lawyer! He was not the only victim during that period.
    The denizens of ‘Meah Shearim’ know only too well what the police are and why they come.

    They do not have a warped sense of history at all. They know very well their own recent history. Their hatred is not ‘sinas chinam’ as you call it. In fact, its no less justified than that of Afro Americans towards your own police.

  2. whow whow!
    Let’s calm down.

    You may not agree with what’s going on in Meah Shearim, but to make it the headlines on TYW and THE problem of the Dor is taking it abit too far.

    There needs to be a better Chinuch in this area in Meah Shearim, agree. But to make this kids warped chinuch the Chinuch of the general Meah Shearim children, is way off.

    Have a great Yom Tov.

  3. Its not sinas chinam if the other side gives you a reason to hate them.
    The sides in the fight are the frum yidden against the frai so keep in mind who you are picking as teammates. That might be a indication which side you should be on.

  4. When thinking back to some of the horrific stories of Zionist police persecution of acheinu binei-Yisrael under Zionist rule, stories that have been featured on these very pages, the child’s reaction is not at all surprising.

    The truth is that the Zionists are worse than the Nazis because gadol haMachtio yoser min haHorgo, and the Zionists have certainly been machti es haRabbim on a far greater scale than probably any other entity in history.

    The Zionists have, for over a century, engaged in world-wide shmad of the Jewish people, in addition to the rivers of Jewish blood on their hands sacrificed on the idolatrous altar of their State, pre-1948 and post-1948, both directly by Zionists and otherwise.

    Not to mention Zionist actions/inaction during WW II.

  5. your answer didnt really answer the question. still, why post this? whats the toeles? what gain is there by knowing about this other than having people look down on the yerushalmis? which rav exactly told you to go on this “holy crusade” against mea shearim?

  6. And when these pork eating,chillul shabbos,toeiva bums beat Jews is ok. I have seen the blood and I’m just a regular frum Jew from NY.

  7. Let’s remember that children don’t understand the world in the same way that adults do, and therefore, they are prone to making foolish remarks. I have a brother, who, as a child, would sometimes put a puppet on top of a broomstick and announce, “this is Hashem”. Today he is a Torah scholar that most of us would do well to look up to as a role model. I can think of a few other cringe – worthy remarks made by small children, who all grew up to be well – balanced adults. For that matter, if someone were to press “replay” on some of the comments I made as a child, I’m sure my own face would turn various shades of pretty colors as well.
    Let’s all keep cool heads and remember that a silly remark made by a toddler is not “news” and doesn’t need to make headlines.

  8. This little boy is just imitating what he sees. He doesn’t know what he is saying. I believe that someone from within this community can turn things around with simple Holocaust education. There are still survivors amongst us and definitely the children of survivors. We need them to go into our chedarim and simply describe what Nazis did to us. No need to compare today’s Israeli police. I don’t believe anyone with a true understanding of history can call anyone “Nazi” if they really knew the truth.

  9. We can see that You didnt hear of Reb Michoel Ber Weismandel! And that You dont know our history. You certainlly know nothing about the Jews From Teiman. And you probebly would write the same thing if we called any of our dear brothers who were “kapos” in the concentration camps and ordenings deinst and police in the gehtos. So for your sake we will say it straight. Yes the people that set up the police force and the state of israel were all of the above and worse they destroyed yidden body and sole. Please read forever my jerusalem. And Hoish al hachoma and another few books on that period in time and then you will say who is and was worse the nazis who sent 6000000++++ jews straight to gan eden or our brothers who sent 6000000++++ jews straight to gehenom. Im very proud to hear that little zisse yingale being brought up in the right way. The Kedoishim who are in gan eiden are allso proud of him!!!

  10. Unfortunately even those in Israel who don’t call the police Nazi’s don’t have a police force to be proud of. Mishteret Yisrael seems to have no concept of civil rights, innocent until proven guilty, at times their actions can only be explained (at best) as thuggish. They seem to have an attitude that it is their job to deliver justice (taking the role of judge & jury) NOT simply bringing people to justice, the difference on paper is subtle – but it is the difference between a state that respects it citizens & treats them as innocent UNLESS & UNTIL proven guilty IN A COURT OF LAW, and a state like Israel which quite frankly does not.
    Bottom line is while they shouldn’t be called nazi’s or anything close, THEY ARE NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF!

  11. Shock Article: This is what the yeshiva world needs on erev “k’ish echoed b’lev echod.” I’m sure this video of one kid is just what klal yisrael needed to be shared today.

  12. Video evidence…hmmm
    Who set this up?
    The older sister, who is about four, tries to shush him, knowing at four that it is NOT okay, even among her compatriots in Meah She’arim.

    So the reporter is drawing a sad conclusion from a 2 year old to extend it to the entire Neighborhood of Meah Shearim, that everyone has the same basic simplistic corrupt idea of Nazi=Mishtara?

    Lashon hara on a TZIBBUR of THIUSANDS from the few words of a two year old, who may have been set up to say that!?

    On a “Yeshiva” site?

    On Erev Shavuos?

    As we celebrate כאיש אחד בלב אחד?????


  13. Very sad to have to ask this but what is the difference between these Meah Shearim kids and the arab kids who are taught to hate Yidden?

  14. Sorry, you’re at least 50 years too late, and it’s not Meah She’arim, it’s the whole world. In fact you’re probably 80 years too late. As early as 1944 George Orwell wrote that “fascist” had become a meaningless term of abuse. “Almost any English person would accept ‘bully’ as a synonym for ‘Fascist’.” The same happened to “Nazi” very early on. By the late 20th century it had become so common a term for anyone with strict rules that Seinfeld could do the “Soup Nazi” episode without raising too many eyebrows. Sure, the usual suspects protested, but the horses had bolted that stable so long ago that their grand-foals were now headed for the knackers.

  15. This was a staged video, don’t take it too seriously. Take the behaviors of the bochurim & adults more seriously. It’s not sinas chinom because they are apikorsim. It is unnecessary paranoia that leads to a chilul Hashem.

  16. Impossible to make out what the kid is actually saying. Why are you assuming the worse and spreading motzi sheim rah? Comon YWN!

  17. His father was actually hospitalized with a broken head after being shoved to the ground by the police in Meah Shearim past Chol Hamoed, when crossing the street to take food to his parents, so guess he isn’t just that innocent, rather really thinks they are nazi’s, unfortunately.

  18. It’s actually pretty cute! Maybe his father or Zeidy is the nice innocent ehrlicher Yid who was brutally thrown down by that gang of “police thugs” tramping through Meah Shearim a few weeks ago…

  19. Its erev Matan Torah. A time oh K’ish Echad Blev Echad. Why does yiur headline have to foment hatred and ill feeling? Please remove.

  20. One way to make a difference is to thoroughly verify where and to whom your tzedaka money is going. These hate filled insurgents do not deserve it.

  21. Just a thought – perhaps these families who were living in Meah Shearim for 150 years before the state of Israel was created actually understand something most of us don’t?
    They are not teaching this because of hate. Maybe they teach this because they understand that the philosophies that came to create the state as we know it was built with the intention to replace our Emuna in Hkb”H with something else.
    We all know what they did with the yesomim sent to kibbutzim after WW2. We know what they did to the Yeminite children.
    Let’s be a little open minded and not focused on hating THEM. Maybe we’re the ones with the Sinas Chinam and they’re the ones focused on closeness to Hashem.
    Before bringing examples of a few people from their groups who did wrong things, keep in mind that we don’t want the non Jews in NYC generalizing us like that.
    Just a thought…

  22. @chareidi amiti
    You are right, you stop giving the penny or 2 (probably not even a penny) to those tzadikkim in Meah Shearim, and the Meah Shearim tzadikkim’s affiliates, the Satmar people etc, should stop sending the millions they give away to tzedaka to the communities you and those like you belong to.

  23. The child is being appropriately taught. He is learning about the unfortunate but factually accurate police brutality.

  24. I live in Israel(not Meah Shearim). I cringe every time I hear people screaming nazis to the police officers. My great grandparents were killed by nazis yemach shemam. So , it really hurts. BUT, the police situation here is not normal! The police are not our friends. In America growing up, the police were our friends. We turned to them for help, or even just to wave. Here, my kids rarely smile when they see police. And from personal experience-
    An Arab worker was bothering my kids when they were trying to build their lag baomer bonfire(last year). First I called the neighborhood security, they told me to contact the police officer who is in charge of our area. I called his cellphone. HE TOLD ME TO CALL BACK SECURITY AND TELL THEM HE CAN’T HELP US, HE’S TOO BUSY RIGHT NOW! I asked him, ” Are you seriously a police man? I told you an arab is bothering young children, and you tell me you’re busy?!” The security told me just to call 100(police hotline). Whoever answered actually told me this, “I HAVE NO OFFICERS IN YOUR AREA WHO WORK IN THIS KIND OF DEPARTMENT WHO CAN COME TO YOU RIGHT NOW.” ??????? I wouldn’t go so far as to agree when others call them nazis, but…………………..

  25. YWN shows their tziyony bias once again!! As someone earlier wrote gadol hamachtio yoiser min hahargo. Its as simple as that. Not to minimize what the nazis did, they’re just that bad.

  26. Shame on YWN for always reporting negative news on Heimesh Yiden while Chareidem are being treated brutally by the Jewish Israeli police they are not supposed to be called Nazis? Please !! These are our own brothers killing us and yes they are not nazis they are much worse!
    This was also very well seen by everyone during the corona lockdowns when only chareidem were arrested while secular jews in Tel Aviv were able to go on with life as usual!
    Shame on you YWN you should change your name to “Zionist World News”
    If its anyone is spreading sinas chinam as you call it its YWN.
    You are the first to always report on these so-called chillul Hashems and bring out Negativity on Klall yisoel to the secular press how many times has the nypost reported stories that were first published on this site? Yeshiva World News is the biggest Chilul Hashem of our times.

  27. Anyone who equates Israeli police – call them Zionist police if you like – with Nazis are egregiously disgraceful and ignorant and far, far worse. Nazis marched every Jew within reach – frum, assimilated, people with only a Jewish father – to death camps to be killed. 6,000,000 were killed, at least. The notion that Israeli police are anything like Nazis is the worst smear imaginable.

  28. To the commentator who is screaming at YWN why they put up this story and why not be united. We don’t unite with pork eaters,toeiva parade gatherers,tattoo bums and chillul shabbos sinners.

  29. 1 month to the day after יום-העצמאות and barely 6 days after יום-ירושלים, this kid has despicable parents, and should be removed from his evil parents & fostered in a normal healthy family environment.

  30. Once again YWN is taking the remarks of one individual and broadly applying this to an entire group. Are you not guilty of the exact sin you claim this child is committing? You are causing others to hate other Jews as well by exploiting this one child. Also it is against the law to post video or pictures of children without parental consent. It would be great for someone to put an author to this despicable article, but yet of course it is the controversial articles that go unsigned. The author remains anonymous hidden behind a screen, however this poor child is now being embarrassed and the subject of redicule. This article serves no purpose, as we as readers cannot help this child, nor help the education of these children. If you really wanted to help you would approach an askan with this video to really assist. But you are more interested in clicks, views ad money.

    So congratulation YWN for

    1. Exploiting children

    2. Causing much more sinat chinam than this child ever did

    3. Ramping up viewership and clicks on your advertisement on the behalf of the reputation of a Tinnoket Shel Beit Rabban.

    Shame on you for posting such a thing on Erev Shavuot. Shame Shame

  31. Dear ‘scandalized’ author,
    I venture you’ve never found yourself at the mercy of a smirking, baton-wielding horse-riding, Yasa”m. But I assure you, this child’s father/ brothers/ neighbors HAVE been.
    To him, the word ‘police’ unfortunately produces the same instinctive response it did for our grandparents in Eastern Europe – RUN!
    Indeed, how sad that it is so, but it’s the blatent Human Rights abuses OF the Jews of Meah She’arim – that engenders this reaction.
    Do they not have the CIVIL RIGHT to protest?!! (Forgive me – I sometimes forget that this is a dictatorial third world banana republic).
    For shame! A so-called ‘Yeshiva’ website chooses to align itself with the abusers of JEWS. The trite propoganda tactic of Anti-Semites for centuries; “Those Jews hate US, we’re just “keeping them under control….”

  32. Joseph, are you equating the Israeli police to the Nazis YMS? However evil the Israeli police are and whatever atrocities were committed by them throughout the years , it pales in comparison to what the Nazis did to us. So your warped comparison, is just that.

  33. The Jewish people know the difference between right vs. wrong, good vs. evil from daas torah…

    Judging by what we are thought that גדול המחטיאו יותר מן ההרגו, the Zionist regime is worse then the Nazis….. how many sons and daughters of Avraham, Yitzchok Yakov don’t know of Shma Yisroel???? all because of the Zionist movement.

  34. Very disturbing & disgusting. Let them move to USA if they don’t agree with Israel & what the IDF & police do with their lives daily to protect Eretz Yisrael.

    Poor kid brainwashed at such a young age. Such a Chilull Hashem.

    Not cute by any means

  35. We Jews waste too much time beating up on each other. Mea Sheariem residents shouldn’t call the police Nazis. But other haredim shouldn’t call those who talk this way evildoers either. Remember–everything negative we say about each other gets picked up and repeated by antisemites.

    It is Arabs who kill Israeli policemen, not haredim. “Sticks and stones….” But even stones thrown by haredim have rarely if ever killed anyone. Stones thrown by Arabs have killed on a number of occasions.

  36. First of all, the child didnot sound to me as if he said “Nazi”. Second of all, the people of Meah Shaarim hace a long history of suffering from police brutality. In general, the frum people in Eretz Yisroel have a good reasonto be afraid of the police, as they are our enemies and will do anything to get a frum Jew. In Israel, for the frum children, there is no such concept of “the friendly cop on the corner”, which is how I was brought up in the USA. The police really hate us and you have to be very careful of them.

  37. YWN should be boycotted for posting such an article. And the person who wrote it should do teshuva. Such a chillul Hashem. Such sinas chinam. In times like these, we need to pick our battles, and I don’t think we should be turning against our brothers. Let’s keep our opinions (even if they are true) to ourselves. Hashem wants to see unconditional love from us, not only during these times, but ALWAYS.

  38. a. Lets put things into perspective: Speaking about history it is well known that millions could have been saved if not for the Zionist community; they had the power, money, connection and so on to do so but they refused, not just refused they where happy “Only with blood we will have a land”. isn’t this something that can be called Nazism. Think about it the Nazis were ready that these Jews shouldn’t be gassed, killed etc (not saying that they in any way righteous they just needed money to continue with there evil acts) and because of the Zionist ideology they where killed.
    b. The Satmer Rav said many times and he writes that the reason behind the holocaust was the Zionist movement. I understand that other gedolim said different reasons or said that we can’t reason it, but we are talking about his talmudim.
    c. Reb Chaim Soloveitchik said they Zionist are prone to murder, as its known the beating harassment to the chareidy community, besides for the fact that in the early days they killed their own Zionists who where of a different political mindset (one example “al telina” for those that know just a drop of history).
    d. I never knew there is a problem to have “sinah” for rishuim “halo misanay hashem esna”!

  39. Sorry, but the hatred and behavior of the police towards the chareidim is despicable and Natzi style. This is how the Nazis behaved between 1933 and 1939.

  40. The guy who said this is exploiting children is exactly right!

    I feel sorry for the many children that grow up with hatreds that are hard to erradicate when one gets older.
    Parents should have a responsiblity to make sure that they do not pass on their prejudices to their children.

    Sure, there are instances where the police come down unproportionally hard on chareidim…I’ve been the first to complain about the Yassam on their horses, reserved just for settlers and hareidim, but one needs to be careful not to apply this to all, and certainly not to teach children to be prejudiced.
    This article, besides exploiting children, also teaches prejudice against Meah Sheraim residents, so sad the cycle continues.
    But how true that the word “Nazis” has lost all meaning, hardly a word used more indiscriminately exists in our modern hate filled, polarised world.

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