WATCH: Cuomo Blows Off Question About Children in Kiryas Joel Going To Yeshiva, Massive Satmar Wedding


A reporter questioned NY Governor Cuomo about Kiryas Joel at the Monday morning press conference, but it seemed from his response, that he really doesn’t mind what is going on.

REPORTER: “We have video of dozens of kids going into buses with backpacks…. there is also another video we got of a huge wedding in K.J. last week with hundreds in attendance… Orange County says the Ny State Police has the jurisdiction — why isn’t the State Police enforcing your executive order?”

CUOMO: “Well first, local governments, have the primary responsibility for enforcement. That is the law. And I’ve said a number of times, local governments have to do their job.”

Watch the full response in the video below.

Basically, it was clear from Cuomo’s response, that he knows exactly what is going on and really couldn’t care less.

Now, all we need is camps opened.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. FYI, since they’re in Phase 3.5 already, they are operating at 25% capacity. There’s usually a much bigger crowd at these weddings.

  2. “Now, all we need is camps opened.“

    Earlier on he said that “ Well first, local governments, have the primary responsibility for enforcement. That is the law. And I’ve said a number of times, local governments have to do their job”

    And the government in the Catskills don’t want “the Haredim

  3. What everyone seems to have missed was the fact the Governor confirmed that KJ is its own “local government” its own “jurisdiction.” They alone, by law, are responsible and IF they want assistance enforcing the law, they can ask, but we won’t just go in there.

  4. this was not a wedding …this was a Rally the Jewish life matter..!!!!!!!
    thousands of people showing up at rallies all over the country last 2 weeks , only difference is KJ people did not set any fires, did not loot, did not kill police officers they were there for 3 hours enjoyed the rabbis simche and went back home.
    those men were locked up for 4 months already and one night out wont kill anyone,

  5. He doesn’t care about satmer because he has their vote in his pocket they always vote democrat. That’s how they keep the programs. He doesn’t care about the people that always vote republican thats why frum Jews need to vote democrat but they need to find a Democratic candidate that has our interests otherwise the more we isolate the democrats the more they’ll keep putting in progressives. We need to take back the Democratic Party to moral values or New York will keep on rotting.

  6. avreimi you would say the same thing if jews were looting stores. yet blacks are and noone is welding their parks shut. actually cops stand there protecting it.

  7. This is concerning. From what I’ve read, would require every participant and worker to self isolate for 2 weeks prior to attendance + to make their way there in their own vehicles. Otherwise this could be a spreader event with the ICU heaven forbid waiting for visitors. Even if the State doesn’t enforce the law how can we not impose safety requirements on ourselves? There is no vaccine yet.

  8. by YWN trying to embarrass the gov. you are hurting our own causes and put in jeopardy some of the important frum items that they are bh looking away from. i am not defending the gov. rather disappointed that YWN does not consider the ramifications of publishing certain stories

  9. If you were truly worried about the health of YIDISSHE KINDERLACH you wouldn’t cover this STUPID press conference. As usual you show your TRUE COLORS when you relate to Chasidim

  10. mr ben hash:
    YWN didnt say anything bad about chassidim
    they just wrote the facts
    i dont think there was any problem with what they (satmar) did
    and even if YWN did think there was a problem, its not because they’re against chassidim, if any other type of yidden would make such a gathering, YWN would have what to write about them
    so…. what are you on about????