Far Rockaway: Torah Academy For Girls (TAG) Closed Due To COVID-19


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Torah Academy for Girls in Far Rockaway was forced to close due to COVID-19 on Wednesday night.

The school sent the parent body the following email:

Dear TAG Parents,

At 9:30 this evening, we received a phone call from the NYC Department of Health ordering that the school be closed effective immediately. We have not been provided with any specific details as relates to the reasons, causes or duration of the closure. We anticipate a meeting with the DOH tomorrow morning at which we hope to receive additional information which we will share with you.

We apologize for this late notification; however, we were given no warning that this closure was pending. Indeed, as you all know, TAG COVID policies met and exceeded all published State and CDC Guidelines.

Please note: Other than the classes that had already been quarantined, we HAVE NOT been instructed to quarantine other students.

..as we all know, everything is in the hands of Hakadosh Boruch Hu and our ability to remain open is no different. Rest assured we will continue to work tirelessly to ensure our continued strict compliance with all rules and laws and the health, safety and happiness of our talmidos.

We will provide more details tomorrow, in the meantime, please keep an eye out for ZOOM instructions for classes tomorrow and through Succos, We will work through the night to ensure a seamless transition for every girl in the morning.

More details regarding a transition to ZOOM will be forthcoming. Please keep an eye out for those emails.

I can only end with a request that each parent continue to daven and beseech Hakadosh Boruch Hu to bring an end to this difficult tekufah and I thank all of you for your continued support and cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me, R’ Moshe Zimberg or any of our wonderful principals and administrators.

Rabbi Meyer Weitman


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Can someone please explain what is meant by being in the hands of Hakadosh Baruch hu is unfortunate??
    Even the health department is also in the hands of Hakadosh Baruch HU. They could not close down TAG if it was not ratzon Hashem. Why does the letter not include any request that the readers should do teshuva, should daven, should do tings to be mevatel the gezaira??? I am a mecahnech- this is a painful letter to read…. sorry.

  2. They were shut down because they are targeting Jewish schools . Has nothing to do with covid. Tag was following every state guideline and protocol
    YWN should change that In the headline . There are plenty of upticks in non-Jewish areas how come no one is talking about them??!

  3. Sayitstraight is 100% correct. They can’t see that the religious schools are open and the teachers union won’t let them open their public schools. The yeshivos and girl schools are all scrupulously following all the state directives, but that makes no difference. They will harass the schools that are open. We have to daven that our children should be able to go to school and that of course they all stay healthy – minah mageifah may amcho.
    Gmar Chasima Tova to all