Thousands of protestors gathered in Brooklyn’s Borough Park neighborhood for a second night Wednesday, as demonstrators spoke out against Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new restrictions on schools, businesses and Shuls in Jewish neighborhoods of the city and state amid an uptick in coronavirus cases.

The crowd made it clear they would continue to Daven together despite the statewide mandate to restrict houses of worship in virus “hotspots,” and said they feel Orthodox Jewish communities are being unfairly targeted.

The protests were mostly peaceful, with many dancing to Sukkos music, as some held Trump 2020 flags.

The NYPD arrived in riot gear, and were greeted warmly with shouts of “Blue Lives Matter”.

A small fire was lit on 13th Avenue late at night, but was quickly extinguished.



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Unfortunately, there was one violent incident against a Jewish reporter.

As can be expected, the media spun the entire protest as if the entire night was a violent incident. The NY Daily News made it their front cover – despite the fact that there was a Vice Presidential debate – which they made into a small item. Other news outlets labeled the protest as a “pro-Trump dance party”, while others questioned why “law enforcement had not arrested or issued summons for anyone in the recent protests, in stark contrast to recent Black Lives Matter protests.”

Hopefully, those reporters read this reason why: Perhaps because NYPD Officers were not viciously attacked with bottles, rocks, weapons, and run over by speeding vehicles occupied with violent thugs who just looted tens of millions of dollars of merchandise after destroying hundreds of businesses in Manhattan – leaving them as a pile of broken glass. Maybe that’s why there were no arrests.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. ואחת שהשביע הקדוש ברוך הוא את ישראל שלא ימרדו באומות העולם
    כתובות קיא ע״א

  2. Did our avos do this ever. In europe the gzeiros were this bad and far worse but we yidden accepted it as from Hashem, a sign that we must fix ourselves. I feel this stuff here shows lack of btachon, not to exclude my own weakness here, but we shouldn’t fool ourselves into justifying protests like this.
    If anything be moser nefesh to make private minyanim and talmud torah, like the tana R Akiva, not this nonsense.

    Until mashiach comes he goyim will not ever truly respect us, to not realize this is the mistake of the zionists – some of them had good intentions, but at the end of the day eisav soneh es yaakov, we can only turn to Hashem, no councilman/mayor/governor/president has any real power. We yiddin have the power to talk straight to Hashem and He does answer as I’m sure we’ve all felt at some point in our lives.
    Stay strong yiddin, gutten moed!

    I hope no one feels offended by my post, just sharing my thoughts on this stuff!

  3. HeybHeshy, I’m just curious why the possuk מי שמך לאיש שר ושופט עלינו comes to mind! True it was said by דתן ואבירם but the Torah records it nonetheless! We could juxtapose and use it!
    Who made you our voice! You just incite! What have you ever accomplished other than rabble rousing? Do you think when you run again any of these people will vote for you? You are one self-centered guy if I’ve ever seen one, aside from our president who has in contrast accomplished much! Who gave you the Halachik authority to condemn someone: are you also a Ruv, a Beis Din too as a side job? This is how you intend to enter Hoshaana Raaboh?
    Sadly, you’ve created a massive Chillul HaShem!

  4. It’s really too bad that the NYPD is showing as much weakness as the Israeli police when these chillul Hashem nutjobs block streets and set fires. I was hoping for more of a show of force, some arrests, some jail time, that sort of thing. What an embarrassment from both the Jews involved and the NYPD.

  5. i love the bias reporting here. Just a small fire that was quickly extinguished. Here is the problem !! WE DONT LIGHT FIRES! WE DONT CREATE A MOB SCENE! WE DONT PUSH AND SHOVE AND INJURE PEOPLE! The only justification i can think of, is people were mistakenly decieved into beliveing this was going to be some sort of simchas beis Hashoeva so they all showed up. and then all this ensued. What a horrible message. And today you honestly think our elected officials stand a chance to go and champion for our cause? ! of course not. Cuz all Cuomo sees is a bunch of out of control behamos.! What i really want to know is where are the mothers of these children you see in the video? what do they say when they see ihsi>you want to protest, you could have had everyone write and email to the man, or phone call. or place a sign in your yard. so sad… we have become “them” … quite amazing since this particular demographic of Judaism specifically prides itself from separating from the Umos Haolam.

  6. clarity among all the noise – we disagree with the gov. on one point & that is that a response needs to be in proportion the problem. “positives ” should not be the key indicator rather comparison in hospital admissions to the first wave . anecdotally in these zip codes we are not seeing the ambulances flying …icu…
    secondly response has to practically make sense – BP has 35000 children from k-12 in 1.5 sq miles where do u think they will be when school is closed ?
    minimizing shuls – the gov. knows it cant happen till after yomtov & ” night activities ” on 13 ave. was the super spreader so something is missing here

  7. Unless the next elections (in 2021 and 2022) shows a widespread backlash against the likes of DeBlasio and Cuomo (note: after the 1991 pogrom, both the mayor and governor were defeated for reelection), it suggests the New York is no longer a safe place for frum Jews. The optimists will migrate to “red” states, and the pessimists will move to Israel (not that the zionists are friendlier to frum Yidden that the ultra-secular leadership in New York). Covid19 may have dealt a death blow to New York’s economy since its major industries (that haven’t been driven out by excessive taxation and regulation) tend to be those that lend themselves most to telework, so this might be a good time to look elsewhere.

  8. Your beloved Israeli police tore into a Shul in Bne Brak and wreaked havoc…
    The question for Boro Park is:
    Where are the rabbonim and where are so called the leaders??? Why was this protest allowed to take place??? Doesn’t anyone think of the future repercussions of this behavior???


  10. It’s a huge mistake allowing Heshy to be seen as spokesman for Yiddin. His vile inflammatory ravings do no good and resulted in an attack on a reporter. Tell Heshy that Larry Noodles urges him to stop immediatly.

  11. The narrative about us Jews has already been set in the media. Nothing we say or do will never change their minds. That said, it’s time we stopped caring about the media’s portrayal of us and do what we have to do- daven in our shuls etc.

  12. The narrative about us Jews has already been set in the media. Nothing we say or do will ever change their minds. That said, it’s time we stopped caring about the media’s portrayal of us and do what we have to do- daven in our shuls etc.

  13. I’m not a novi, but I said it to reporter, who stopped me on the way to shul Wednesday morning, the media will take one incident and use it define the entire 5 hours of people standing in the street milling around. Tuesday night they chased a guy taking pictures and some people had a fight with a another jewish man. So we saw it again last night. Basically last night was a Trump rally and simchas bais hashoaiva and one incident which you can even say was a personal fight, but that’s what the news media talks about.

  14. Amazing!! keep it up, next place they should do it is outside the meshugina mayors house, and crooked cuomos office. if this is the way to hold on to our rights, then thats what we must do, when it comes to torah we fight till the end for our religious freedom.

  15. I listened to WNYC 820AM a liberal radio station, and I basically found out that although BLM protests were totally pieceful and yet attacked by police, the Jewish ones were fully violent and yet the police didn’t act. It’s these unbiased purely truthful and fully accurate news sources which should be providing everyone with their news. In completely unrelated news, it was scientifically known before last nights VP debate that a CNN poll taken after the debate found that most voters thought that Harris won.

  16. Heshy Tischler is singlehandedly causing a massive Chilul HaShem, and it must be condemned by every Jewish orthodox organization. I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he is not playing with a full deck, but this must stop. What has been going on in Borough Park the last couple of nights is making every orthodox Jew look really bad.

  17. What happened to Jacob Kornbluh is disgusting and a massive Chillul Hashem. He is doing everything in his power to get the chassidim to wear masks and follow the laws of the land, prevent a Chillul Hashem, and actually reminding everyone to be considerate of ben adom lechavero. If you have an issue with someone encouraging everyone to follow the laws of the land, then you are free to move back to Hungary or Poland or wherever you or your parents/grandparents came from. You don’t have to agree with everything this government does, and it is your right to protest peacefully without breaking any laws and without causing a Chillul Hashem, but this is a medina shel chessed, and we are only guests in this land, don’t abuse it! To violently attack another person, harass journalists, and to cause a massive Chillul Hashem in any form is shameful. If you don’t like living in America and all the freedoms you are afforded here, you are free to move to another country. You don’t have to make every orthodox Jew look bad!

  18. Chutzpah
    Don’t play by the rules of the government or the medical community
    And then riot when there’s pushback

    What a chilul Hashem right after Yom Kippur

  19. Last night was a kiddush Hashem. Self-hating Jews do not qualify to have their opinions taken seriously. Where are you haters when politicians are silent about the lack of social distancing and mask wearing at BLM riots? Why are you siletnt about the shooting, the looting, the setting of fires by non-Jews?! Where is your outrage at singling out supposed Jewish “hotspots” when the rates are much, much higher in neighborhoods where no religious Jews live?

    The sinas chinum is what’s fueling goyim’s hatred and THAT is the chillul Hashem, not the protests by Jews raisng their voices and saying enough of this discrimination.

  20. I think its a big Chilul Hashem that it got to this point! (As a jewish nurse, I an embarrased)

    This virus is primarily spread with droplets. When we speak and even breath we release moist droplets into the air from our moist nasal and oral cavities. Droplets fall to the ground after six feet of distance. A barrier such as a mask helps to stop and block a droplet from going into the surrounding air. 2 ppl wearing a mask is an added protection, as both masks can help block the droplet from becoming the air that the next person breaths. Therefore, everyone wearing masks, ppl standing six feet from one another and ppl trying not to talk while directly facing eachother helps reduce transmission. This is the basic Derech Hateveh facts!

    Remember, Unfortunately, with this virus many ppl are infectious but have no symptoms!

    Why is everyone refusing to comply with common sense safety precautions that protect our community first and foremost?

    Why are we refusing to understand?

    Is it simply because we find it an inconvenience?

    I think not risking one persons life is worth that inconvenience!

    Aren’t we the community that thousands will join in the efforts to find a child that is lost, or to save a life and so on.

    That is what wearing masks is!

    By not wearing masks we look like hypocrites!

    We made this happen to us, we proved to the government that we cannot be trusted! This is a big Chilul Hashem!

    To the world, it is black and white. To the world, not wearing a mask (especially in indoor mass gatherings) means that you don’t value ppls lives and you don’t care that you are risking ppl’s lives.

    Please wake up and see this for what it is!

  21. I have heard reports on the radio that frum Jews demonstrating in Boro Park are accusing Governor Cuomo of anti-Semitism. Cuomo may be wrong about his orders for shul closures, wrong about his strategy for containing the coronavirus, but as far as I know, he is not an anti-Semite. False accusations of anti-Semitism are a serious a threat to Jews. If you have proof – real proof, not unfounded inferences – make them public when you accuse any politician, or anybody else, of anti-Semitism. Otherwise, shut up.

  22. huju , in typical Marxist Democrat style you always side with our enemies.Your Marxist ideology is more important that well being of Jews.

  23. Whata disgraceful Chilul Hashem! Where r the Rabanim?? Why are they cowering in the corner and not denouncing this egregious Chilul Hashem! Yiddn! Go daven for a Git Kvitl. This is INSANITY! I hold ALL BP Rabanim responsible for not boycotting Hershy Tishler. Hes ruining our youth and giving us unnecessary publicity that only leads to terrible repercussions.