WATCH: Cuomo Nervous What Trump Will Do After He Loses Election

(Kevin P. Coughlin/Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo via AP, File)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Thursday that he believes Democratic nominee Joe Biden will beat President Trump but that he’s “nervous” about what Trump will do after the election.

“I believe Joe Biden is going to win the election. I’m just a little nervous about what Mr. Trump does post-election,” the governor said.

“You know, the president winds up forecasting where he’s going. And he’s been talking for months about ‘election fraud’ and ‘Democratic fraud.’ And he actually said the other day, ‘The only way we lose is if there’s fraud,’” Cuomo said.

“So I hope he takes the defeat with some honor and doesn’t try to go into the courts and play games that way.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Your honor Governor Cuomo,
    You mentioned just now about that you did not want President Trump to play games post election.
    I ask you honestly, we have heard a few stories in Brooklyn where on 1 side of the street was a Jewish school and the other side was either a public school or Catholic, the non Jewish school was allowed to be open.
    Is that the game that you were referring to???

  2. I’m more worried what you’re going to do do after election day. You evil man, you already killed 1,000’s of seniors. Now to show the world you are somehow doing something you are killing thousands of jewish children by closing their schools and killing thousands of jewish families by forcing them to close their businesses for absolutely no good reason. How do you explain that a store is closed but you can go to the next block where another store is open. You make a red zone but the schools in the other zones have children coming from the red zones. The children that can’t go to school are stuck at home to play with their friends a neighbors so how are you helping anything by closing schools? You’re policy is totally insane. Its almost a month with no end in sight. Of course Mr. Evil Democrat you’ll say “but I closed the catholic schools too. I closed the non jewish stores too. ” But you sent your goon squads to harass only the jewish stores and to ticket even schools that were closed. I hope Trump wins so that he can make sure your punished for your ineptness and mishandling of this situation.

  3. “So I hope he takes the defeat with some honor and doesn’t try to go into the courts and play games that way.____no honour in the Democratic Party, yes, just like Killery Clinton slipped nicely to the pavement of kindness along with Soros and Antifa, Nice job…don’t you think

  4. Totally don’t get it. How is “going to the courts” considered “playing games”? Wasn’t Al Gore the one who taught us how to go to the courts after the election???????

  5. In psychology this is called projection(put out what is going on inside yourself onto others) of the demactric party and extreme leftists onto Trump. Cuomo, thanks for the heads up that the Democrats will not take losing without a fit. It will be entertaining to see the Democrats have a fit again.

  6. nebach: poor venomous snake. guv, it will be Trump in a landslide. have your congratulations speech for President Trump prepared, like you say, the honorable way. just to let you know, we are observing your conduct throughout this pandemic and it’s been lie after lie. the only one that thinks you’re doing a good job is a guy named Andrew Cuomo
    no question this conduct will come back someday to haunt you

  7. Bottom line:
    Republicans don’t riot. Democrats riot.
    If Trump loses there won’t be any riots. If Trump wins there will be riots. It’s really that simple. No need to complicate things.

  8. Cuomo should worry more about what Trump will do to New York if he wins? He can easily bankrupt the state by refusing a bailout, can prosecute him for deprivation of civil rights for sending people to nursing home to euthanize the residents, can make it impossible for New York to tax non-resident teleworkers working for New York companies. If the Democrats can’t win this year, their goose is cooked.

  9. The hatred and resentment between liberals like Cuomo, Nadler, Schumer etc and Trump predates his presidency by decades. Anyone claiming otherwise is poorly informed about New York society. None of this has anything to do with what Trump has done as President. That group would hate him anyways as you can find by researching the level of derangement involved.

  10. The gemara in Sanhedrin discusses Mashiach’s coming. One opinion on how Hashem will bring Mashiach is that He will place over Klal Yisrael a king whose gezeiros are difficult like Haman and then they will do teshuva and then He will bring Mashiach.

    It seems that we are living through this right now in NYS. The king of NYS, like Haman, has targeted Jews, and, like Haman, is attempting to destroy the Jews with his arbitrary and evil schemes.

    He has shut down our shuls and schools, and continues to threaten them with his edict that schools may remain open only if they agree to be subject to perpetual COVID testing, meaning that the king can shut them down at will.

    (The Jews who live under the Zionist jackboot are suffering even more.)

    The Teshuva part is signified by the Agudah’s statement against the WZO debacle.

    May Hashem bring Mashiach immediately.

  11. How ironic! It’s the Democrats who don’t know how to lose. What have the anti-establishment spoiled brats done ever since Trump won? Did they accept the nation’s choice? Or did they choose to waste so much of the President’s time and energy trying to impeach him? President Trump has accomplished so much for the US economy, succeeded in foreign policy, made America a world leader (or in his language MAGA), just as he had promised.
    Imagine how much more could have been done if not for the “entitlement camp” trying to do everything they could do undo the democratic process.
    True, he is not the most refined person on this planet but despite it, he has many fine qualities which is more than can be said by his opponent who seems to show signs of dementia and will be controlled by the radical left.
    Cuomo want communism but I don’t believe that’s what the majority of Americans want.
    Let’s see how will HE will accept Trump’s victory!
    Let’s not forget the bottom line, whoever wins the elections:
    Lev melachim vesarim b’yad Hashem. Hashem hu ha’Elokim – the ONLY Power there is.
    Everything in history is leading up to yemos haMoshiach.
    Let’s try to have extra kavana when we say ותחזינה עינינו בשובך לציון ברחמים.

  12. To Hakatan:
    It is completely insane to compare the Governor to haman.
    The Gov. was begging for months;
    Please wear a mask.
    Please maintain social distancing.