Hunter Biden, Associates Under “Active Criminal Investigation” By FBI


“Hunter Biden and his associates” have been under criminal investigation by the FBI since 2019, according to a new report.

The probe is focused on allegations of money-laundering and the case remains open and active, James Rosen, Investigative Reporter for Sinclair Broadcast Group, said Thursday.



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  1. It is all Russian Collusion, just ask some Democrat morons who post comments on this site and their information sources from Fake News.

  2. Irresponsible. The FBI didn’t say this a right wing new agency says this. You are treating it like comey’s press conference. The computers are being investigated in an unrelated matter. Ownership of the computers has yet to be determined. Should verify it before posting it as fact. Hunter biden is a private citizen he should sue you. You are now copying trump’s midos. Shame on you.

  3. LOL!!!!! Are these the same people that said Hillary would be arrested TOMORROW every day in October 2016? And that there was a child ring in the basement of a pizza place that didn’t have a basement? You people fall for anything. Check your sources. Have just the tiniest bit of seichel. Go open a Gemara and do some good in the world.

  4. The Sinclair Broadcast Group is by no means a reputable news organization. If there was any truth to the story a reporter from a legitimate news organization, which have sources throughout government, would have reported this. James Rosen left Fox News after numerous allegations of sexual harassment and is now with alt right Sinclair.

  5. > OrechDin

    > “these the same people”

    Who are “these”? The name of the reporter is James Rosen and I cannot find anywhere he ever made such a statement.

  6. Georgeg – Sinclair Broadcasting, Fox News, Qanon, Drudge Report, Daily Caller, Alex Jones, Savage, Shapiro, OAN… “these the same people.” And if you use the Google machine, you’ll see that James Rosen (fired from Fox News for sexual harassment) published a store on Fox News on August 23, 2016, saying essentially this. And that took me all of 4 seconds to find. I’m sure there’s more if you actually look.
    Let’s be clear… there is no laptop story. The claim is that Hunter Biden, who lives in California, brought three wet laptops to a random computer repair shop in Delaware that he had never done business with before, and gave these laptops to a blind guy who can’t say who brought the laptops and has no paperwork to show who the laptops belong to. Then, this blind person conveniently hacked into the laptops and found emails that had been circulating in Ukraine (according to sworn testimony from Giuliani’s associates) since before the laptops made it to the blind guy. And when you read the emails, you see that no one did anything wrong or illegal, and that Joe Biden loves his son and stands by him through all his personal tribulations.
    The FBI is investigating whether the GRU planted the laptops for “discovery” by Giuliani. A common tactic of international espionage. That’s publicly known and from FBI sources (which you can find yourself). Not propaganda. It’s like 40% of the US voting population missed the Cold War.

  7. > yaakov doe

    > “a reputable news organization … a legitimate news organization”

    Just which ones of these alleged “reputable” and “legitimate” organizations were honest about (for example) the laptop itself or (for example) about the anti-Trump Russian conspiracy hoax? Or did they all (at least those who even bothered to report on it) dismiss the laptop out of hand as fake without even seeing it while championing the fake anti-Trump Russian conspiracy hoax?

  8. I have long believed that the Hunter Biden situation is suspect, and I have been waiting for a serious investigation into why he was able to obtain such high-paying jobs with, apparently, not much depth on his resume. But after 4 years of Trump, nothing has been found, which leads me to believe there is nothing to be found. And of course, if the investigation is dropped after a Biden electoral victory, Biden Haters and Trump Lovers can always say it was a result of Joe’s efforts to protect Hunter and/or himself.

  9. OrechDin, Hllary Clinton should have been arrested in 2016, and would have been arrested if the fix had not been in. Both the DOJ and FBI were in her pocket, and that is the only reason she was not charged.

    And no, none of “these people” were repeating your sick fantasy about the pizza place. Nobody on the right had ever heard of this until that nutcase shot the place up.

    Yaacov Doe, Sinclair is a much more respectable and reliable news source than the NY Times, Washington Post, or NPR, which I am sure is where you get all your news from.