UPDATE: Instagram Reinstates YWN Post Of Gaza Coverage That Was Removed


Instagram removed a post on the @theyeshivaworld Instagram account, Wednesday afternoon.

The post showed an IDF Airstrike of a Hamas terror facility in Gaza.

Reason given by Instagram: “Post removed for violence of dangerous organizations”.

But later on Thursday evening, Instagram reinstated the post that was removed earlier. It appears that the action was a false positive (probably due to a machine learning algorithm or bogus complaints from Palestinian supporters) and was promptly fixed when escalated to Instagram staff.

YWN thanks the staff at Instagram for being responsive to the situation, and taking corrective action.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I am not claiming they do or do not have an agenda.

    But you are misrepresenting this.
    They claim they removed your post for “violence or Dangerous Organizations” – “OR” not “OF”.

    A rocket pulverizing a building is, of course, as they state, “violence”.

  2. Instagram is owned by Mark Zuckerberg who is a leftist Jew. Leftist Jews hate Israel – ergo, Instagram removes things that offend Israel’s enemies and allow things that incite violence against Jews and Israel.

  3. “You can praise Hitler, and openly call for the death of Jews. Hamas and Iran can publicly call for the annihilation of Israel…”

    Honest question: Does Instagram in fact allow those things?

  4. Why are you trying to showcase to the world Jewish might? (כוחי ועצם ידי)
    Better to keep quiet what the IDF are doing and only showcase Palestinian terror.

    It’s good they removed it.