Central London: Muslim Man Saves Two Jewish Men During Anti-Semitic Attack


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A Muslim man stepped in to defend two Jewish diners who were punched in an anti-Semitic attack outside a Baker Street restaurant on Sunday, police say. The two victims were followed by two masked men in their late teens or early 20s who then rushed them and unleashed a flurry of punches.

A member of the Muslim community confronted the attackers who ran off after the intervention.

One of the victims is in his late 30s and the other mid 40s, police said.

Their attackers were described by officers as Asian.

(Source: Standard UK)


  1. what we can learn here is…there are alot of good muslims too! we shouldn’t think all the muslims are like the radicals. we should judge ppl by the content of their character and not by their race or religion

  2. For the benefit of non-UK readers, the term “Asian”, when used by Brits, means of Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin or descent.

  3. To olesker: What term do Brits use for Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, Indonesian and other Asians who are not Pakistani, Indian or Bangladeshi?

  4. Huju, the term traditionally used for people from eastern Asia is “Oriental”. Some people now find that offensive, for some reason, so they use “East Asian”.