MK Ben Gvir Attacked By Arab Rock Throwers; Demands Security Detail [VIDEO]


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Far-right MK Itamar Ben-Gvir claimed on Thursday that Arab youth threw rocks at him while he was visiting the Hatzbani river in the north of the country. His parliamentary assistant who was with him was also attacked and sustained a light injury on her foot. Police officers were dispatched to the scene and arrested two suspects, who were young Arab men.

Ben Gvir said in a statement to the press after the incident, “Just this morning a video was published calling for people to murder me. And now just a few hours later, we see how this incitement has quickly turned into violent actions. The incident today ended with my assistant being injured, it could have, G-d forbid, ended in a murder.”

Ben Gvri continued: “I have no doubt that if this was Ofer Cassif (Joint List) who was attacked thus, then the police would quickly be providing a security detail for him. It is time for the security forces to wake up and ensure that I receive a security detail to protect me, starting today, even though I am an MK from the right-wing.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)