Trump Organization CFO Surrenders To Authorities To Face Charges


Former President Trump’s long-serving chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, has surrendered to authorities in New York to face criminal charges.

Weisselberg arrived at the Manhattan District Attorney’s office with his lawyer hours after a grand jury indicted him and the Trump Organization on charges that are expected to be unsealed this afternoon.

The charges are believed to involve fringe benefits given to employees, including Weisselberg, sources said. Investigators have been examining whether the company and Weisselberg properly accounted for those forms of compensation.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The entire New York City administration from comrade de Blasio to AG events, all the way down the line ran on a platform of getting President Trump and the Trump organization. They spent millions and millions and millions of dollars on their investigation. Their investigation which is a continuation of the Russian hoax and the Ukrainian hoax, is just another hoax in the let’s get Trump sickness that the left has.

    So now what do they do? They tried and tried but they couldn’t get anything on the president or on his kids which is something they were dying to do. So now they have some 73-year-old guy on something to do with parking spots.

    New York City has to try and save face because they really look like idiots! Does this make sense? Is this normal? It’s another political lynch job that didn’t work.

  2. If Trump makes it back into the White House he should go after every democRAT big time. Lock them all up. Dump DemocRATs.