Israeli Cops Break Up Hoshanah Rabba Tish At Yeshiva Oraysa Over “Noise Complaint” – Things Turn Violent [VIDEO ROUNDUP]


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Things turned violent at Yeshiva Oraysa in Yerushalaim on Sunday night, when police arrived at the Hoshanaha Rabb Tish over “noise complaints”.

Police walked straight up to the musicians, and began to unplug them, and proceeded to confiscate the equipment.

Things turned ugly, and a scuffle broke out.

No one was arrested, but police were able to stop the noise.

Watch the violence unfold in the videos below:


  1. If the noise was bothering neighbors then maybe they should plan on either earlier celebrations or another venue. A mitzvah while hurting others is, well, less of a mitzvah. Where is the Rav?

  2. Why is noise complaints in quotation marks?
    Was there something that indicated that the police randomly targeted this particular yeshiva out of all the others?
    On the flip side, why were the police so aggressive right off the bat? Were there any noise complaints in the past, where the police were ignored?
    Were there previous interactions between this yeshiva and the police?

  3. @Ohevet:
    Noise complaints dont mean anyone complained about noise.
    The law in yerushalayim is that you cant make noise out of your property past 11pm.
    The cops take advantage of that to break up events that they dont like.