Republican Candidate Lee Zeldin Defends Yeshiva Education While State Ignores Roshei Yeshiva


For the past month, the yeshiva community has been up in arms about the regulations proposed by the State Education Department. In an interview with Hamodia, Congressman and Republican candidate for Governor Lee Zeldin shared his views about the State’s effort to regulate yeshiva curriculum, declaring that “I believe parents, not Albany bureaucrats, should shape their child’s education.”

Directly addressing the State’s proposed regulations of yeshiva curriculum, Zeldin said “I am all in to defend parents, to defend students, to defend yeshivas that are providing a quality education. Government wants to get more involved in what is an outstanding quality education. But you shouldn’t at all break something that is working extremely well.” Zeldin criticized “bureaucrats in Albany, who, whether they’re bored or they have ulterior motives, are choosing to sabotage what is an outstanding, quality education.”

Zeldin also criticized the recently proposed regulations for allowing anyone, even if they are not a student or parent, to trigger an investigation of school by filing a complaint.

“Why allow virtually anyone to act as an aggrieved party in a complaint with the state, even if they don’t have any connection to the school in question? “ Zeldin says. “It suggests that the Orthodox community continues to serve as a favorite target for Albany Democrats, whether the redzoning of Orthodox neighborhoods during COVID, closing shuls but allowing casinos to remain open, or unfairly singling out yeshivas for regulation.”

Zeldin’s comments were seen as a breath of fresh air by yeshiva advocates.

Several weeks ago, HaRav Elya Brudny of the Mir, Rav Yaakov Bender of Darchei Torah and Rav Yisroel Reisman of Torah Vodaas wrote to State Education Commissioner Betty Rosa to express their concern about the proposed regulations and to request a meeting.

“We are writing to express our concern about the proposed substantial equivalency regulations that were recently released by the State Education Department. If adopted, these regulations would transform the relationship between the State and yeshivas and other private schools and would empower local school boards to require yeshivas to transform their educational emphasis. We hope you will grant us the opportunity to meet with you to discuss our concerns. In advance of any meeting, we will briefly outline our primary concerns with the regulations.”

Commissioner Rosa has not responded to the Roshei HaYeshiva’s letter or to their request for a meeting. Governor Kathy Hochul has not yet offered any public comment on the proposal to regulate yeshiva education.

YWN will continue to keep readers updated on any developments on the yeshiva regulation crisis. For now, Lee Zeldin — and not those currently in power in New York — is filling the role of the chochom.

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  1. 21 years & going I am still bound by the unequivocal פסק of a previous גדול הדור HoRav אביגדור הכהן Miller זצקללה”ה, hence am 100% obligated in current scenario to vote for Zeldin both at Primaries & at Election

  2. We are proud of the Rabbonim and Geonim who advocate on our behalf. May their efforts be successful. Please remember that the תלמידי הישיבות are motivated to learn Torah and are very entitled to their choice.

  3. but i bet the local askanim will tell us to vote for Hochul just like they told us to vote for liberal UFT member and DEMOCRAT Steve Saperstein

  4. Rabbi Shach zt’l, said: “The greatest nation in the 20th century in terms of humanities, law, engineering, medicine, etc., was Germany—and look what they did !!!” The study of and adherence to high morals is much, much more important than secular studies.

    The present American society with the news media and left wing politicians has pass the roe vs wade abortion act allowing the slaughter of children. Newer “education” trends in the USA want children to endorse LGBT couples which has been clearly identified by the chief rabbi of Israel as an “abomination” to the Almighty.

    The seemingly unending lowering of morals can only end in cannibalism and savagery of the human race.

    I’ll believe that Rabbi Shach and his views of education/moral standards are what is best for me and the world(olam) and I am only a goy !!!

    Gerry Mullen

    Gerry Mullen

  5. As one of the few remaining Frum Yidden still registered as a Republican in NYC, I will be voting for Rob Astorino for Governor be”h. All these so-called askanim have already thrown their Torah values out the window by switching to the democrats, SO THEY CAN’T VOTE FOR ZELDIN IN THE PRIMARIES! All hot air. The least you registered democrats can do is at least vote for the moderate Tom Suozzi in the primary. Regardless of party affiliation, we all agree that we must throw out the UNELECTED privileged white corrupt Hochul family, yes, Kathy and ($1 billion tax dollar Buffalo Bills stadium) husband William!