COMMUNITY UNITY: Stamford Hill Residents Donate New Hatzolah Ambulance [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


In an incredible show of communal unity, frum residents of Stamford Hill galvanized to raise the funds necessary to supply Stamford Hatzolah with a desperately needed fifth ambulance.

Two of Hatzolah’s current ambulances are around 15 years old, while the other two have been in use for nearly a decade.

In less than two days after the campaign was launched by non-Hatzolah-affiliated community members, the drive raised over 150,000 British pounds – enough to cover the cost of a brand-new, high-tech ambulance.

A bonus round that followed brought in approximately 70,000 more pounds, allowing Hatzolah to purchase two specially equipped emergency response vehicles.

The ambulance itself was custom designed from scratch by Hatzolah and emergency medical experts to ensure that it will provide the maximum benefit possible for the patients that it will carry.

In a stunning turn of events, a single individual who watched as the community rallied around the cause to raise funds for a new ambulance stepped up, donating the entire amount necessary for Hatzolah to purchase a second new ambulance.

“The ambulances and emergency response vehicles are incredible pieces of equipment that will greatly enhance Hatzolah’s ability to provide the medical care its patients need,” a Stamford Hatzolah member told YWN.

“In addition to Hatzolah’s benefit, it was incredible to see the entire community coming together as one for each person and family doing what they can to assist in the campaign for a new ambulance, which it should be noted, was a campaign completely independent of Hatzolah,” he added.

(YWN World Headquarters – NC)


  1. The most beautiful part of the story is to see the great achdus between the yidden of Stamford Hill working together for chesed for all. Well done!