WATCH: Famed Chazzan Nissim Saal Wows Thousands At Concert In Israel With Astounding High Notes


Nissim Saal has just appeared on the Chazanus scene a few years ago, and has taken the world by storm. With his incredible high notes, and perct pitch, Saal has been “wowing” audiences around the globe.

Saal who is produced and managed by Yochi Briskman, performed Tuesday night at Heichal Hatarbut Tel Aviv, to a packed crowd of thousands of people

Watch this incredible piece of Chazanus [Ha’tei from famed Chazan Koussevitzky], conducted by Ofir Sobol, accompanied by a very large symphony orchestra and chior.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I merited to be there last night. Not only is Nissim’s voice something spectacular, he himself is too. A very humble, approachable person. He left us all, literally, on a high!

  2. Famed Chazon wows the “Yeshiva World” using the holy words of tefillah as a performance to get claps from his mixed audience while standing right next to the lady in pants providing the music to accompany this holy prayer
    Great Yeshiva world! What a Kidush Hashem!