WATCH: Tucker Carlson Calls Trump “A Little Bit Autistic”

(AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Questions Trump’s Ability to End War in Ukraine, Calls Him “a little bit autistic”

In a recent interview on the “Full Send Podcast”, Fox News host Tucker Carlson made controversial remarks about former President Donald Trump, questioning his ability to end the war in Ukraine and referring to him as “a little bit autistic.”

During a segment discussing Trump’s claim that he could end the war in Ukraine in 24 hours, Carlson expressed doubt, stating that Trump “couldn’t build a border wall in four years,” and suggesting that there is often a gap between political promises and actual delivery.

Despite his skepticism, Carlson did praise Trump’s ability to see the big picture when it comes to foreign policy, saying that “he saw the stakes of this, like at the very beginning.”

Carlson’s comments about Trump being “a little bit autistic” have drawn criticism from some viewers.

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  1. Nah, not a slow news day. This is a legitimate reminder that the hype about this “legend”, is just that, a hype.
    If you are a person who is ‘hyped’ about trump, you fell for a marketing ploy. Sorry.

    To be sure, he has made correct moves, he has certain fiscally expedient ideas, and he has (had?) the back of the Israelis.
    But we cannot forget that the man is the the equivalent to a 5th Grader in maturity, perception, comprehension, and communication.
    That is a VERY serious problem. And one that must be considered when voting. Better a 5th grader than slightly senile back-stabber? Perhaps.
    But if you bought the whole Trump Is the greatest, a genius! And our best friend… Than you are quite unwise..

  2. A rare note of truth from Carlson….he neglected to note the other relevant “istics” including, inter alia, narcissistic , misogynistic etc.

  3. Nope, not autism. ADHD, and some serious OTM, OTM – on the mind, out the mouth. Which actually makes him more genuine than your typical hypocritical, lying up to their eyeballs politicians like Biden, Obama, Clinton, etc. Also results in a very persistent, single-minded, undaunted personality which is why Trump has been able to accomplish so much as a businessman and as president. Despite his rough edges and self-aggrandizing hyperbole (“I even kept the promises I didn’t make” ), he did a lot of good for the US and Israel on many levels and I would vote for him again. And so would Tucker Carlson.

  4. funny how, to some, only democrats lie up to their eyeballs, when we saw what a lying demagogue was our past president – a staunch republican/
    yeah, and me too, stillwaiting for that wall that mexico was going to pay for. what a sad joke.

  5. Reality check: ALL politicians lie, it’s part of the job description. The distinction is what the ramifications are. When Trump fibs about how magnificent he is, Americans can ignore him. When Biden lies about a secure border while millions of illegal migrants are making their way across it and into the country and receiving handouts, all the while homeless veterans rot, that is a serious problem. When Biden lies about the supply chain while parents scrounge around for baby formula, that is a serious problem. When Biden lies that the Afghanistan withdrawal was most successful while causing death and destruction to untold numbers of US and afghani citizens, leaving behind the largest supply of military supplies the Taliban has probably ever seen, that is a problem. Not to mention lies about “transitory” inflation, “transitory” record-high gas and food prices – these lies have serious ramifications for US citizens. Actions always speak louder than words.