MAILBAG: Yair Lapid Confirms He Is Self Hating Jew

Opposition leader Yair Lapid at a Tel Aviv protest on March 1, 2023. (Elad Gutman/ Yesh Atid)

If anyone had any doubt about it, today confirmed what we already subconciously knew: Yair Lapid, like his father Tommy, yemach shemo, is a self-hating Jew who hates us all with sinas maves.

Tommy regularly referred to religious Jews as “parasites,” “barbaric primitives,” “idle fanatics” and “enemies of progress.”

On Thursday, Yair echoed his father’s vitriolic hate in condemning the government over its heavy-handed tactics to control often violent leftist protesters.

“The violence against protesters this morning is growing. Government of Israel — the responsibility is on you,” he tweeted after at least one incident in which protesters were attacked with pepper spray.

“Stop inciting against the protesters, they are wonderful Israeli protesters and you are responsible for their safety,” he added.

But where was Lapid when Chareidi and other religious protesters were beaten to a pulp by gangs of marauding Israeli Police Officers? Where was the outcry, where was the tweet?

We know the answer.

Yair Lapid doesn’t consider anyone wearing a  Yarmulka – be it a Chareidi from Meah Shearim, or a Kipa Sruga from Kiryat Arba – a “wonderful Israeli protester.” If you are religious, you are the enemy.

Thanks for clarifying that, Mr. Kapo Lapid.

Yaakov L – Ramot

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  1. This term “self-hating Jew” is way overused. I can absolutely guarantee that Yair Lapid does not hate himself. On the contrary, he loves himself very much. He only hates us.

  2. Bravo to YWN for not hesitating to refer to fellow “Jews” with the suffix “yemach shemo”! I take that as my “haskama” to refer to the entire Zionist leadership – including the “religious” Zionists, with the epithet of YEMACH SHEMAM VEZICHRAM!!!

    Moderators Note: You failed to read the disclaimer at the bottom of this reader-submitted letter.

  3. These types of articles and the comments they generate are so not helpful. Why can’t we just say he is a hypocrite and obviously favors the left. BTW there are plenty on the right who are also against some of these planned judicial reforms. If we cannot learn to compromise and get along we are once again doomed to losing our country due to irrational Sinat Chinam.

  4. Like father
    Like pig
    Like Yashka freek

    He has made this power struggle a war between religion and state.

    When thẻ were in control and brought in goim as Jews and started pig farms for Russians it was fine now they want “blood” and “civil war”.

    Who is paying their bills? For so many people demonstrate daily. Like anarchist destroying who were paid by Soros during Covid19, who is paying this was on religion ?

  5. Raboisai, enough! We have a Beis Hamikdash to rebuild! He has a neshama! He is a Yid! Please stop with all of this pointless Sinas Chinam!

    Police deal harshly with protesters. It’s not ok. He didn’t say it was OK. These protests are getting mainstream media coverage in Israel, and the abuse at Chareidi and Dati Leumi protests don’t make the news. So he commented on something in the news. That doesn’t mean he WANTS to see chareidim or DL abused. Chas VShalom!

    Please, please, please. Stop inciting sinas chinam.

  6. Jdb
    Sinas chinam does not apply to goyem.
    And they are goyem.
    Give me you reason they are yehudim!?
    I want logic! Not emotions.
    Just because their grandparents were? Really?
    You think that makes sense?
    Ask a college professor

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