HERO: Rockland Hatzolah Honors Child Who Saved Friend From Grievous Injury


A young child was honored by Rockland Hatzolah after his quick and decisive thinking saved his friend from potentially being gravely injured as an accident unfolded.

Nuta Markowitz, the son of Rockland Hatzolah member Avrumy Markowitz (RH-212), was with a friend when the latter was struck by a vehicle. Nuta exhibited exceptionally swift thinking and sound judgement, immediately dragging his injured friend off the street – preventing a second vehicle from hitting him as well.

The victim is now recovering from his relatively minor injuries, and Nuta is being hailed a hero.

In recognition of his courageous act, Rockland Hatzolah presented him with an award and an honorary Hatzolah ID card.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. joshua45, he is bright healthy child with good parents… why do u assume he needs a therapist? therapist can be very helpful but to assume that we are incapable of dealing with life & ” ke’eloo” they have the answers…
    go to a nursing home ” zekeinechah veyomru loch” ask them for the secrets how they rebuilt america
    not to belitttle therapists at all nor chas vesholom the clients..there are many valid situations to seek help … but deep inside u too have strengths to cope

  2. Just to stop the slew of comments…the car that hit the friend did not stop-it was a hit and run- since the kid did not have the capacity to stop traffic the next best thing was to move him off the road. Let’s all daven for a refua shleima for elimelech ben baila rivka.

  3. ShloimieB
    “I hate to think of the risks if there were spinal involvement.”

    The risk of being run over is greater than the risk of potential cervical spinal injury.

    Furthermore, it is not expected that bystanders should be knowledgeable about spinal precautions, let alone a child. The bystander/child reacted to the situation with good conscious. People should be encouraged to step up and intervene in these situations.

  4. Mi Keamcha yisrael!!
    BTW @ShloimeB, your worry is something i thought of as well, but i realised if this kid had the quickness and knowledge to act like he did, especially being that his father is a hatzolah member, he probably knew a thing or two, but still… at least it did end up well…

  5. A reply to the many that commented regarding my post.
    Obviously there is an issue of removing immediate danger. I cant imagine a situation where there is not an adult to stand in the road and redirect traffic. I was not there and I realize that. It seems now that all the above commenters were there, or speak as if they were.