10:45PM ST: NYPD Kills Teen Holding Hair-Brush


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nypd logo.jpgThe NYPD is under heavy fire tonight after cops killed an unarmed teenager who was holding a hairbrush at 590 Gates Avenue (Brooklyn). At least 10 rounds were fired into the 18-year-old – who was having a domestic dispute with his mother. The teen reportedly was escaping through the window, when cops opened fire at him. The NYPD has not yet given a statement.


  1. The mother told police her son might have a gun, they said. The son then may have lunged out of the window and began running toward the officers, police officials said. Police officials said at least one officer shouted a warning before firing

    One source said police were also looking to see if the teen deliberately engaged police to try to get them to open fire.

    it was probably a real scary-looking teen

  2. chilled. sounds like the nypd have some serious explaining to do. even if they had to shoot the guy why did they have to shoot ten rounds. something doesn’t add up. were missing part of the story or else nypd is gonna have biiiiig problems coming up.

  3. Before anyone gets on the cops, keep in mind they have to make split second decisions and when they see a hairbrush for a split second, it CAN look like a weapon. Like any good cop they aimed to kill which is what is SUPPOSED to happen.

  4. the cops should be commended for a job well done, it is absurd to think it was done on purpose, and to say they should of been more careful is also absurd, of course it was by mistake, and maybe teens will think twice before acting up in the future

  5. what in the world do we excpect from police officers, and solders in iraq should they asked them nicely do you have a gun? are you going to shoot me , okey wait one min. I am suppose to shoot you first, well that’s americaaaa

  6. I just do not see the justification for shooting an mentally instable unarmed individual who has been “acting up” (as someone put it) with his mother.

  7. Joseph – I 100% justify it! do u know what New Yorks finest go thru everday? They have to make split second dicisions to save themselves and other citizens. In this case the mother shouted “He has a gun” so to me when I add 2 + 2 I get 4 the mother is at fault, period end of story. I agree completely with Yeshivisha raid on this one this country is going overboard with this PC junk. Same story with Amadu Diallo, that jewish guy in Boro Park who was shot (I dont know his name), and John Bell. When the cops tell you to stop, stay in your car, put your hands where they can see them etc. etc. u listen or u face the circumstances.

  8. I thought there are ways to shoot someone so he can’t shoot first, without killing him. I would think the police would opt for that approach facing a supposedly armed person.

  9. charlie – that is a theory they are throwing out in an attempt to justify this.

    Yavnerd – I truly feel sorry for you if you see a justification in the police shooting to death that innocent unarmed mentally unstable Yid in Boro Park (I believe his name is Busch).

    This case is no different. If someone is unarmed they cannot be shot dead. Period. You can’t justify it with a “oh I thought he might have a gun so I killed him.” Otherwise they could go around the streets like Russia killing anyone at random with that poor excuse.

  10. Joseph:
    Why do you keep trying to sway us to your liberal thinking?
    I firmly believe in the NYPD and in the fact that OVERALL they are good and are here to serve and protect US.
    Sure there are some rotten apples, but what group doesn’t? Even YW has some.
    As to the Gideon Busch a”h story, where there’s smoke there’s fire. The NYPD does NOT run around shooting innocent people!
    You Libs want every police shooting to be murder. Well, it isn’t.

  11. velicher choosid – You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. I am a card-carrying member of the Republican National Committee, I have been on Limbaugh’s show multiple times, I have been a registered Republican since the day I became 18 years old and I almost always vote straight-line Republican (and I always vote — including off-cycle election like this year). I am as rock-solid conservative as they get.

    Conservatives do not support police brutality. How can you support the cops who murdered an unarmed Yid (Busch) in Boro Park several years ago in cold blood?

    Not all incidents are brutality. i.e. Rodney King was violently resisting arrest and the police were within their rights and duty to arrest him in the manner they had. They were lynched by the media and the politically correct judiciary (who retried them in a clear violation of the principle of double-jeapordy). Nevertheless shooting someone dead with gun is never justified if the person did not pose a deadly threat to the officers. That is the CONSERVATIVE point-of-view. Period.

    Now who is the liberal here? (Pull out the mirror.)

  12. Ok Joseph since you seem to be so well versed in the Busch story – why don’t u tell everyone how this mentally deranged person came out of his car with a hammer? O whoops! did u convieniently leave that detail out.

  13. Yavnerd – Five cops surrounding a mentally unstable man with a hammer, and all having their guns drawn, do not need to murder him in order to subdue him.

  14. If they can’t shoot him, then what good are their drawn guns? How exactly are they supposed to subdue him without endangering themselves, while he’s armed with a hammer and they’re armed with what you would make useless pieces of metal?

    As for this guy they shot now, if you think they should have waited longer to determine whether what he was holding was a gun, how long should they have waited? What if they had waited a second too long, and it had been a gun – what would you say to the family of the cop who was dead because of the rule you would make?

    You are telling the cops that their lives are worth less than that of the perp. That when someone is rushing at them with what may very well be a gun, they must put his life before theirs. And that is perverted and cruel. The liberals who condemn all police shootings really don’t care if a cop is killed. They think that’s what cops are for. Because to them cops are not real human beings – but every nutcase and criminal is! If you don’t think like that, then what’s your reason for demanding that cops not shoot at someone who they have reason to believe is charging them with a gun?

  15. basmelech, “I thought there are ways to shoot someone so he can’t shoot first, without killing him.” What would this magic way be? Shooting with crossed fingers? Saying “boruch shem” immediately after firing? Please tell us about it, maybe you can get an award for your invention.

  16. yavnerd, Busch did not come out of his car. He came out of his home. The cops shot him after a female cop tripped on the sidewalk and they all suddenly opened fire for no reason.

    velicher, what do you have against someone “swaying” another? Are you so fixed in your views that you cannot tolerate another one? And why do you reflectively defend the police? Remember Abner Louima? Sean Bell? That is brutality. Don’t dismiss it as “some rotten apples”. The cops who shot the unarmed guy yesterday are too “bad apples”.

  17. Milhouse, Your logic is flawed in that you can use your excuse to justify EVERY unjustified police shooting by claiming that the cops can shoot anyone and everyone first and then ask questions later and simply say we can’t wait to determine whether the suspect had a gun or not.

    As far as Busch is concerned, the FIVE cops who had guns drawn on him were not even close to him when they murdered him. He was not a thread to any of them. Some female cop tripped on the sidewalk and they all shot him for no reason (possibly panic that the female cop tripped on the sidewalk – nowhere near Busch.)

    Every time police shoot and kill is not unjustified. And on the same token every time police shoot and kill it is not necessarily justified. Shooting an unarmed individual will be very difficult to justify.

  18. Yavnerd, Bell wasn’t the driver or involved in any deadly (or any other) crime. There was no reason to murder HIM for being a passenger in a car (especially since no one in that car was charged with anything. But why murder Bell? What did HE do?)

  19. Once again the NYPD has shot an unarmed EDP. Street cops need better training in dealing with EDP’s. There was a seargent and lieutenant that opened fire. They are both equipped with taser guns, intended for situations as these.

    Also, the 911 operator called the mother back, and she clearly told them he does not have a gun!!

    Once again, another innocent life has been lost to the trigger happy NYPD.

  20. Hmmmm, Coming out of window with something in his hand, while mother yells, “He had a gun!” …
    Though I would certainly like to hear more, I would say that This shooting, while unfortunate, is probably justified….
    Where all 10 rounds from the same gun? or would it be 5 from two officers?
    Or… did the first few miss his hands, and not disarm him.
    Usually police do NOT shoot to kill, but to disarm. If one shoots a man’s arm and misses, it may hit his body and not disarm him, making him more dangerous.

    I was not there, and don’t know, but it may be justified.

    However, we need to be careful that we do not do what was done a couple of decades ago, where we tied the cops hands to tightly, with so many civilian review board cases, and “infernal” affairs, that the officers’ hands were so tied up and they were afraid to engage any bad guy.

    Many quit and moved to other cities where they got new jobs.
    Others stayed, but avoided any contact that may result in engagement with bag guys, leaving the people unprotected.

    While we need police officers to show common sense and restraint, we also do not want them afraid to act in the way they think if necessary.

  21. Chuck – He wasn’t a bystander he was in the car!!!!!!!!! for all we know he was telling him to “go, go, go”
    And even if he wasn’t, where there is smoke there is fire. I doubt Bell was totally innocent.

  22. Yavnerd, I see. Everyone in the car should have been shot dead. Afterall, they were in the car! I mean, he might have been saying “go, go, go” so he really deserved to be shot dead. Unless we know for sure he didn’t. But even then he deserved to be shot dead in the street because where there is smoke there is fire. Shoot first, ask questions later. I mean if you doubt he is totally innocent, he deserves to be shot on-site. Anyone who cannot be fully proven they are innocent of any crime should be shot dead in the streets by cops, afterall.

    Now I get it. (Do you think anyone will be left standing when this is all over?)

  23. Chuck – yea because the cops said to themselves hhhhmmmmm heres a good idea lets shoot bell cuz hes in the car, o and we’ll leave the other guy we just happen to hate bell. NO!!!!! the car was coming at them so they fired at the car to stop them! A bullet hit bell. period. end of story.