Video: Mini America in Israel


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yiddele logo.jpgHave you ever considered moving to Israel, but what holds you back is having to leave what you are used to in America?

Well, Ramat Bet-Shemesh, located between Yerushalayim and Tel-Aviv, is virtually a mini America in Israel and the solution to your problem.
Residents consist of many English speaking Yidden from America, England, and South Africa. As one American Yeshiva student who said: “You don’t have to speak Hebrew.” You hear people speaking English everywhere there.
As you travel through the streets, modern, esthetically pleasing apartment houses greet you, along with a variety of cars and stores.
One English speaking resident from England recommends that you come to settle there. He tells of its very pleasant neighborhood, with many Yeshivos from kindergarten through high school. Apartment and home prices are affordable, and the community meets your religious, educational, and social needs.       
Click HERE to view the new exciting video ‘MINI AMERICA IN ISRAEL’, produced by Yiddele multimedia.


  1. Before telling young people to move to their mini america in Israel, remember to tell them that kibud av vaem comes first. Leaving their parents to age in America by themselves is a drastically serious Averiah

  2. I don’t understand – neighborhoods that are more Israeli don’t have “a variety of cars and stores”?

    This is a gross exageration. While RBS has a large anglo community, it also has a very large Israeli community. In my building of 15 apartments, only 3 families are American, and the rest are Israeli. Much of the neighborhood is Israeli. The supermarkets carry some American products, but very few. That makolet, Dil V’Zol, carries a lot of such products, but most other stores only have some products but not mostly American.

    Calling RBS a mini-America is an exaggeration. But even if you want to call it mini-America, so what? You still get the mitzva of living in Eretz Yisrael!
    While I am all for acclimating and “becoming Israeli”, for families that prefer a more American enivironment, if they feel more comfortable in RBS, than kol hakavod to them for moving to Eretz Yisrael and finding a place they can be comfortable. It is still better than being in Lakewood or Monsey or anywhere else in Chutz Laaretz.

  3. mini america a hin mini america aher……if you want to be in america-fine-but dont think you can live in israel and be in america….after the price of the dira-you still need to pay a FORTUNE for a car (a regular minivan here is around $60 000+ at todays shekel rate…);and i am not talking about the second car….then the gas around $7.60 a gallon…..bkitsar if you want america-stay there-if you come to israel-expect a very different is definatly NOT ‘mini america’

  4. Cmon to israel since it is home, our inheritance, land of hakodesh baruch hoo. Everyone will be here soon, since the footsteps of Mosiach is getting stronger and stronger, might as well be the first in your family to arrve. The seniors elderly love it here, bring them with you, with SSbenefits they can make it in a small rental. education is improving in all schools, more job opportunities and living the Jewish destiny is special. Instead of just learning Rambam, Ramban and the GRa, fulfill their dream of living in Eretz Yisroel.
    Video is cute, too materialistic and learning loshen hakodesh is an asset everywhere.

  5. The Grass is NOT Always Greener……

    The startling, tragic fact that few Americans realize is that the transition for teenaged children who make aliya is often more than they can bear.

    Statistics reported by Lev L’Achim’s “Lev Shomea” and other groups working with the youth of the frum community who have fallen out of the mainstream in regard to their observance of Torah U’Mitzvos, show that as many as half of the children of Anglo olim fail to find their place within the Israeli Torah society.

    One reason noted by almost every expert is the attitude adopted by American olim vis a vis Israelis. The Americans often arrive with the conviction that they (and all the beliefs they have brought from America) are superior to what Eretz Yisroel has to offer. The children are either sent to “Americanized” institutions (which are looked down upon by Israeli’s since they include limudei chol and sports) or become the outcasts in an Israeli school environment.

    Whether we like it or not the facts are that there is a mindset in place in Israel that we are not going to change. We can stay home in America and do “our thing” or we can move to Israel and adopt the prevalent, local way of life. We cannot have it both ways and expect our children to grow up well balanced.

    Ramat Beit Shemesh, inasmuch as it represents the concept of “maintaining ones Anglo identity” is a breeding ground for disillusioned youth….and the number of dropouts and kids-on-the-fringe underscore this dramatically.

    Friends: Make aliya and enjoy all that Eretz Yisroel has to offer, but not before doing your homework and making a plan. Once you decide that you are ready to raise your kids as Israeli’s, check their ages to see if it is at all practical to expect them to change and then make your move.

    Rav Aharon Feldman, Rosh Yeshivas Ner Yisroel in Baltimore has lived in Eretz Yisroel for forty years. He is an American married to an American. Yet, his children do not speak English and did not even hear the language spoken at home. “We understood that our children would feel out of place if we would act and speak as Americans at home,” the Rosh Yeshiva explained, “Baruch Hashem they grew up to be well balanced Israeli Bnai Torah.”

    Heed the Rosh Yeshiva’s advice. The very yiddishkeit of your children and the future generations of your family are in the balance.

  6. To IsraeliYid – WOW! I couldn’t have said it any better myself! Thanks!

    To bpker1 – please take IsraeliYid’s words to heart. 1) I’m sure you didn’t consult your Rav before making the claims you did.

    2) I think if you plan a trip to Israel your attitude would change.

    Looking fw to seeing you!

    – someone’s kids in Israel 😉

  7. strictly yosher
    Rav Bulman’s zt”l (& others) spoke english at home, their children spoke english and grew up to be well balanced bnei torah in their communities.
    Israeli bnei torah do not have the only yosherus, more & more Israeli bnei torah are becoming Americanized and Israelized in culture.

  8. To sane’s question about the army – YES!!! and it’s 100% legal to do so. I assume you did not join the US Armed Forced while in America. Why not? Aren’t you a patriot? Perhaps it was because you legally didn’t have to? What’s the difference? Do you honestly think that America doesn’t have to protect it’s interests as well?

    You are unfortunately brained washed by Zionist that teach you that the medina comes before the Torah and Gedolim.

    Rov Poskim since the creation of the state have been against drafting Yeshiva students. Assuming you are not completely ignorant of Torah, it is CLEAR in Halachah that we go after the Rov. That means that all other opinions are null and void.

    As far as Frum Baal HaBatim, I even know those that fought to get in to the Army so don’t waste your breath trying to play off as if Frum people don’t serve.

    BTW – I have just one other statement to make to you and all those like you that are being mizanei with this wicked government.


    (sorry that this comment isn’t congruent with my alias)

  9. To #12

    You have totally missed the point. And, by the way, if a person is going to EY to immerse himself in learning and exempt himself from the army, which I fully approve of, then he will not be looking for a mini- america. If anyhting, he wil be trying to get away from amercia.

    My point was, if your going to EY is so tied up with materialism, that you require it to be suburbia, with all the luxuries of america, but not purely for ruchniyos reasons, then you should be fighting for it.

    I am sure #12 that you enjoy the flaffel shops in EY all the more since you do not have to sacrifice for it.