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17,000 Gas Pumps Stuck at $3.99

gas_empty11.jpgAAA estimates that just under 38 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles from home this Memorial Holiday weekend. While that’s only a small decline in the number of travelers compared to last year, those who do hit the road will, if nothing else, be more aware of what they’re spending on gas.

In New York City, the situation is especially bleak with the average cost for a gallon of gas now at around $4.14, well above the national average of $3.83.

Economists say falling supplies and rising demand are expected to keep pushing prices even higher through the summer.

Meanwhile, although $4 a gallon gas is definitely a headache for drivers, it is posing an even bigger problem for some gas stations. In many rural areas of the country, gas stations with older pumps are discovering their pumps were not made to charge more that $3.99 9/10 per gallon.

According to a report by CBS2, there are approximelty 17,000 pumps stuck at $3.99.

(Source: NY1 / CBS2)

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  1. From what I heard they are probably in dusty old towns in middle America… and they can change the pumps to sell 1/2 gallons.

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