Lakewood Family Saved By A Chanukah Miracle And A $30 Fire Extinguisher


A Lakewood family is lucky to be alive today after a Chanukah candle fire was extinguished before it could consume their home. About an hour after lighting the Chanukah Menorah, the homeowner walked into his study to find the table of the Menorahs engulfed in flames, which melted away much of the table.

The Fire Department responded to the home, but the homeowner had already extinguished the fire prior to their arrival.

“Baruch Hashem I had a fire extinguisher nearby and was able to put out the fire myself”, the residents tells TLS. ”I B’H was spared from what would have certainly been a destroyed house and C”V worse, with my wife and 3 kids being upstairs.”The fireman called it a “Hanukkah Miracle”, and I agree”, says the homeowner.

The resident says he’s publicizing this story in hopes of encouraging others to purchase a basic fire extinguisher for their home.

“The $30 served me well”, the homeowner says.

The Fire Department remained at the home to ensure the home was properly ventilated.

(Source: TLS)


  1. They check for hidden hot spots that could flare up and re-ignite the fire again. But that is more applicable inside walls. In a simple table fire that was completely extinguished by the homeowner, I am not so sure that you need to call them. Of course, until it is out you can never be sure, so while you run for the extinguisher, call out to someone else to go call 911.

    It is way faster and better to put it out yourself on-site, than to wait for them to arrive!!

    besides, even after the fire is out, someone still has to come and break the windows!!

  2. Amusing headline: Chanuka miracle and $30 fire extinguisher. Thanks for the price info, and BTW, a fire extinguisher serving its exact purpose isn’t really a miracle. If it is, then a car starting up and driving is a miracle too 🙂

  3. ashleigh – Maybe the editor was trying to bring out the point that $30 can save a $600+k house and possibly lives.

    The miracle was that the fire was seen with enough time for the fire extinuisher to do it’s job.

    Now go get a fire extinguisher! 🙂

  4. #4, my thoughts exactly! Hashgochoh peratis, yes; miracle, no. Lets reserve the term miracle for something that is naturally impossible.

  5. The lesson is not really about the fire extinguisher. The fire extinguisher is only after the problem. It’s like leaving your door open and relying on security cameras.

    That he put a menorah on a plastic table is a huge problem.
    People need to take precautions, including:
    Where and on what they put their menorah;
    There should be no curtains nearby
    If you put it by a wall, put foil behind it
    Get matches and spare candles out of the way, in case a candle falls.